Google Cloud Offers Security Tools to Help Government Businesses


Nico Grant (Bloomberg) – Google Cloud unveiled three security products that allow governments to expand their activities in the public sector and harden systems increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Google’s new software offerings are based on a zero trust framework and will help governments comply with US President Joe Biden’s executive order on improving cybersecurity, the Alphabet Inc. unit said in a blog post on Tuesday. . The company will present its Zero Trust Assessment and Planning, Secure Application Access Anywhere and Active Cyber ​​Threat Detection offerings at a security summit on Tuesday.

The past few months have brought a wave of high-profile ransomware and other cyber attacks on US businesses, and government agencies have also been targeted in recent years. The situation prompted Biden’s cybersecurity decree in May, when it required government contractors to build zero-trust security into all software, urged IT service providers to report attacks to the government, and sought to standardize the public sector response. Google Cloud, the world’s third-largest cloud provider, is trying to use Biden’s security push to increase the number and size of its government contracts in a bid to catch up with Inc. and Microsoft Corp. Zero trust is the name for computer security that requires all users to be authenticated, authorized and validated at all times to work on a network.

“From Covid-19 to recent ransomware attacks, the events of the past year have demonstrated that government agencies need to rethink the security frameworks of the past,” said Mike Daniels, vice president of global public sector, Google Cloud. “We are ready to share our experience of operating in a Zero Trust model, as well as Google’s technologies that are secure by design, to help the US government prevent, detect, assess and correct cyber incidents. “

Google’s Zero Trust Assessment and Planning program will advise the government on the policies, technologies and changes it would need to adopt a zero trust framework. The Secure Application Access Anywhere offering, provided with partner Palo Alto Networks Inc., enables government users to securely access business applications from anywhere. Finally, the Active Cyber ​​Threat Detection solution will allow agencies to better analyze their data to detect an attack or an intrusion earlier.

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