Gotham Knights how to unlock all Momentum abilities

As you get more familiar with your character in Gotham Knights, you’ll find that you don’t have all the Momentum abilities for your character. But, while the game doesn’t tell you how to get them, the process to unlock them all is mostly pretty straightforward. So to know what you need to do to unlock all abilities in Gotham Knights Momentum read below.

The variety of abilities of all the characters, whether they play alone or in co-op in Gotham Knights, is quite impressive. But, it’s always worth unlocking them as soon as possible, because Gotham Knights becomes difficult towards the end of the game or in a new game more.

how to unlock all Momentum abilities in Gotham Knights?

Although each character has their own abilities, the the way to unlock all Momentum abilities in Gotham Knights is the same for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood. These abilities are unlocked as follows:

  • Complete your character’s chivalry challenges
  • Play Mission 1.4 Blackgate Blues (unlocked during the mission)
  • Complete the Guard Breaker challenge
  • Play Mission 3.2 Chelsea Tunnel (unlocked during the mission)
  • Complete Mission 3.2 Chelsea Tunnel
  • Play mission 4.2 The Orchard Hotel (unlocked during the mission)
  • Complete the side activity stories for Tim, Dick, Barbara, and Jason, up to the one you unlock at the start of Case File 7

These are the seven ways to unlock abilities in the game. Your eighth ability is already unlocked when you first pick up the character, so you only need to unlock seven of them.

The majority of them are unlocked in in-game missions, so you just need to play through the story to get them naturally. But, completing the Guard Breaker challenge is also quite easy to do. The chivalry challenges are more drudgery than they are difficult, however, and you’ll have to perform frustrating tasks like finding crimes with premeditation. But the reward for completing them is the Ultimate Momentum ability, which is extremely powerful.

However, the unlocking process is definitely not the longest in the game if you plan on completely clearing Gotham of things to do. Now that you know how to unlock all Momentum abilities in Gotham Knights for all characters, why not dive into the game’s skill trees and more in our Gotham Knights Walkthrough?

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