Greedy in the best possible way: Baylor defenders show off their skills as a bullet hawker | Baylor


Certainly, a strong pass rush seems to have a direct correlation with a defense’s back cover. It’s not exactly late-breaking news when it comes to temporary breakups. The Baylor Blitzers generated four quarterback rushes in the win over the Longhorns, helping those seven SEBs. In every game where Baylor produced multiple QB pressures, the defense also had multiple breakups. In the only game the Bears had only one rush, a 31-29 home win over Iowa State, they had no deflection.

So it’s a symbiotic relationship. The secondary needs the big ones at the front to light the stove and bring in the heat, so the DBs can prepare the slipper.

“We’re playing with a lot of confidence, honestly,” said defensive lineman TJ Franklin, and that confidence shows. The Bears have bagged 13 sacks in the last three games, wins over West Virginia, BYU and Texas.

However, sometimes things go well for the opposing offense, and Baylor’s back-defenders always make a play. It’s a thumbs-up, and athletes have to be athletes. The Bears were able to make several incredibly athletic plays against Thompson and the Longhorns, whether it was Al Walcott or Christian Morgan or Kalon “Boogie” Barnes who dove at the last moment to kick the ball on an otherwise precise delivery.

“A lot of them are athletes,” said Aranda. “I think we have a lot of guys with great instinct and great ball skills. I think our last two years, for me, but coming back to that in terms of interceptions, deflections, and batting balls, are (incredibly) strong whether you’re talking about the line of scrimmage or you’re talking about the back finishing. . There is a talent for playing ball here at Baylor so I’m lucky to be a part of it.

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