Guardians of the Galaxy has confirmed that Groot is Venom’s most terrifying host

Guardians of the Galaxy has confirmed that of all of Venom’s hosts throughout his long comic career, Groot is by far the most terrifying.

The symbiote Venom has had a number of different hosts since the alien’s debut in Marvel Comics, but guardians of the galaxy confirmed that none have ever been so terrifying as Groot. Groot is one of the more understated superpowered heroes in the Marvel Universe, as he possesses regenerative healing abilities, the power to grow at will as well as control plants, and possesses superhuman strength and durability. Based on his established power set, Groot proves he has the ability to become a terrifying villain with the Venom symbiote accentuating that fact.

Groot is revealed to be a horrifying Venom host in guardians of the galaxy #21 by Brian Michael Bendis and Valerio Schiti. In the issue, Flash Thompson’s Venom was assigned to the Guardians by the Avengers as Earth’s representative on the team. However, deep space travel has a strange effect on the Venom symbiote, making it aggressive as it desperately wants to return to Earth. At the end of the issue, Venom leaps from Flash’s body and eventually lands on Groot, giving fans their first glimpse of the terrifying creature formed by their bond.


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Venomized Groot takes the basic hero powers and amps them up with an element of horror that only a symbiote could capture. Using Groot’s powers to manipulate body size and plant growth, Groot Venom grows to enormous size with large spiky petals surrounding the poisonous face like a mutated carnivorous plant. Groot’s venom is lean and sharp with intertwined symbiote spines sticking out of him from every corner of his body. While Venom Groot is a terrifying sight to behold, as if watching a Xenomorph on acid, this form is just a glimpse of what the original Groot is capable of on its own.

Groot can twist and manipulate his body like a symbiote without needing to rely on a host body to survive. This similarity in abilities makes Groot the perfect host for Venom, but it also implies that he doesn’t need the symbiote at all to be equally terrifying. Groot can form his body the same way he did when possessed by the Venom symbiote at all times, minus the black aesthetic, as most of the physical attributes had nothing to do with the influence of the symbiote but with Groot’s own biology. If Groot were to break, this vision of the character would definitely be his villainous template.

While Groot may be the most terrifying Venom host on the Guardians of the Galaxy roster, he’s apparently not the most efficient on the team. In the very next issue, the Venom symbiote possessed Drax and with this beast of a hero as its host, Venom wiped out the entire line of Guardians. While it is clear that Groot isn’t the most powerful version of Venom, even when you only consider the other members of the guardians of the galaxyMarvel Proves He’s Definitely The Creepiest Both Because Of His Looks Venom along with the implication that he could assume this horrific form at any time.

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