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People with different abilities gained confidence, independence and athletic skills at Harford County’s fourth ICanBike camp last week.

Harford County hosted a bike camp last week for people with special needs

Last Friday saw the successful conclusion of the Harford County ICanBike Camp for people with different abilities, ages eight and up. The camp was offered by the Office of Disability Services and the Department of Parks and Recreation under the administration of County Executive Barry Glassman. Camp participants had the chance to experience the thrill of cycling for the first time.

“For me, it’s really special to be able to give this to kids of all abilities so that they can experience that feeling that you maybe had, or could have had, when we learned to ride a bike, ”commented County Executive Glassman.

The ICanBike camp was developed by the non-profit association iCan Shine. Since its inception in 2007, more than 20,000 participants in the ICanBike program have learned to ride conventional bikes. The program uses a fleet of adapted bicycles, a specialized education program and qualified staff to teach people with disabilities how to ride. During camp, the adaptive bike is gradually adjusted to introduce more instability to challenge cyclists at their own pace.

This summer’s bike camp was held at the Churchville Recreation Center and consisted of five daily 75-minute sessions. Trained staff and volunteers physically assisted the cyclists, preventing falls and empowering the cyclists. The runners were able to work with the same volunteer coaches throughout the week.

“We’re just there to guide them, make sure they don’t fall, and the most important thing is just to make sure they’re safe and motivated,” said Alex Stuart, ICanBike volunteer. “So when they’re feeling down and they don’t want to go anymore, we’re there to push them. When adversity strikes, we are there to push them.

All runners received a T-shirt and a completion medal at the closing ceremony on the last day of camp. Details about the camp can be found in this article from the Baltimore Sun.

For more information about the camp or to inquire about next spring’s ICanBike camp, contact Rachel Harbin at the Disability Services Office at (410) 638-3733 or email [email protected]

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