Here are all the MTG mechanics in Forgotten Realms


The legal standard Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms the set will contain new Magic: The Gathering mechanical, as well as those just for flavor.

Two Hasbro IP addresses will crash together in the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (AFR) together, introducing dungeon adventure, flavor word abilities, d20 dice rolls, and class cards. The set is intended for digital release via Online magic and MTG Arena July 8.

Here is each AFR mechanics players will need to familiarize themselves with.

Venture into the dungeon

With the release of AFR, venturing into and through a dungeon will become a Magic mechanic. In total, players can choose from three dungeons: Mad Mage Dungeon, Tomb of Annihilation, and Lost Phandelver Mine. You can enter or move around a dungeon via the AFR Venture Mechanic.

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Only one dungeon can be on the battlefield per player, fitting into the command zone. Dungeons are not placed in the main deck or in a player’s stash, they start outside of the game. At the end of a dungeon, players can choose to enter the same dungeon with the next Venture trigger. or choose a different one.

Several types of MTG cards contain Venture mechanics, from creatures to artifacts. New AFR The mechanic reads: “Enter the first room or go to the next room.” The first time a player uses the Venture mechanic, they enter the first room of a dungeon. Each Venture trigger moves players through the dungeon, allowing them to choose their own path.

Once a dungeon is completed, it leaves the battlefield. Many AFR creatures use the new mechanic by providing additional abilities or stats at the end of a dungeon. And each room in a dungeon will offer the player some form of advantage or punishment.

Flavor Words

Flavor words on AFR the maps can be a bit confusing. They look like keywords or mechanisms but are really just a touch of D&D flavor added to the menu. A word of flavor will look like “words of ability”, according to WotC, with “neither having any meaning of rules”. In cases where flavor words appear, those MTG the cards would already have the ability on them which is related to the flavor word.

Dice Roll D20

Flavor in the AFR the whole thing reaches a climax via the d20 dice roll mechanism. For players who don’t know what a d20 roll is, this is a 20-sided die used in D&D. It’s also the same dice players receive when playing a pre-release event at a local game store before a set is released. Throw a d20 in MTG Arena is accomplished by the game itself.

Players will find d20 rolls on creatures, artifacts, and even instant spells. Rolling a dice is not new to Magic, having appeared in “Un-sets”, a non-competitive and fun format. All AFR cards with d20 mechanics have a black border.

AFR Classes

the AFR The set will include a total of 12 Enchantment cards that contain a new subtype called Class. Each class card reads, “Gain the next level as sorcery to add its ability.” Players can have multiple class enchantment cards on the battlefield at a time (even copies of the same class), each acting independently of each other. A player can only pay to activate a level during its main phase as sorcery.

There are three levels on each class enchantment card, contained in text boxes. Casting the class triggers the level one ability. The level one ability is active as long as the card remains in play. Activating the second and third levels requires paying a mana cost. Class abilities include static abilities, activated abilities, or triggered abilities.

Players cannot go from level one to level three, the same way a counter moves in a saga. By paying for the level two ability, levels one and two become “active”. The third level cannot be activated until the second level has been unlocked by paying the mana cost to activate it.

the Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms MTG set has a worldwide tabletop release slated for July 23. A digital launch for AFR will take place on July 8.

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.

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