How is Kingpin so strong in Hawkeye? Powers and abilities explained

Episode 6 of Hawk Eye has finally arrived, which means Season 1 is sadly over. The episode delivered a lot of good times, with fans wondering how the hell is The Kingpin so strong?

As one of the few Marvel villains who doesn’t have superhuman abilities, The Kingpin has many viewers wondering how he could take so much punishment in the season finale of Hawk Eye.

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Hawkeye from Marvel Studios | Official trailer | Disney +



Hawkeye from Marvel Studios | Official trailer | Disney +





How is the Kingpin so strong in Hawkeye? Abilities and powers explained

As mentioned earlier, Wilson Fisk, also known as The Kingpin, does not have any special superhuman powers or abilities. Instead, Fisk is simply a businessman and the head of a huge criminal organization. Due to his involvement in the world of crime, he has had many run-ins with Daredevil in the Netflix series, and now Hawkeye in the new Disney Plus series.

Throughout The Kingpin’s battles with Daredevil and Hawkeye, the villain took quite a bit of damage. More particularly in the Hawk Eye finale, where the character is shot in the chest with an arrow, hit by a car and much more. So what exactly are The Kingpins’ abilities?

Fisk is not only an incredibly gifted intellect, able to run his own criminal enterprise and stay one step ahead of his enemies at the same time, but he is also a “master fighter”. Kingpin doesn’t have any prior close combat training, but due to his size and muscle he has incredible strength.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, Fisk is still human, which means he can only take a certain amount of damage. But since he’s a much taller man than most, he’s capable of dealing and taking more damage than the average human. Some viewers suspect that he also has a bulletproof vest under his clothes, which would explain how he may have taken an arrow in the chest while Hawk Eye Episode 6.

But, other than being a brute force of nature and incredibly strong, The Kingpin doesn’t have any specific abilities that allow him to fight Marvel heroes like Hawkeye and Daredevil.

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