How The Fantastic Four’s Sneaky X2 Cameo Could Change The MCU Forever

Prior to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel films were largely contained within their own universes, allowing characters to breathe and grow at a much slower rate. However, because of this, the chances of the X-Men encountering Spider-Man were next to impossible. Still, that hasn’t stopped the filmmakers from tossing some of the best hidden Easter eggs in the entire genre. Thanks to the multiverse, an easter egg could potentially change the course of the MCU and all other realities forever.

X2: X-Men United was widely considered one of the best X-Men films ever made. This was mainly because of how the story, while centered primarily on Wolverine, helped show how mutants deal with the stigma of their powers and how hate can become one of the deadliest weapons. . For example, in one particular scene where Mystique snuck into William Stryker’s office to steal files from Magneto’s prison, some smaller files could be seen in a brief frame. According to Reddit user Ch0522, this included a file on Franklin Richards.

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In the comics, Franklin was the first child of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. Although he didn’t immediately manifest his abilities, he was still expected to become a mutant due to the way cosmic rays affected his parents. However, his powers turned out to be more extensive than anyone thought, as Franklin had the ability to build small universes with nothing but his mind. This allowed him to be one of the most powerful mutants of all time, and those same abilities could have a huge impact on the MCU in ways no one would expect.

While Kang’s power is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, the multiverse option offered the ability for characters like Franklin to appear at any time. As a result, he could be the deciding factor in a battle with Kang or whoever the villain might be in. Avengers: Secret Wars. Plus, his abilities might be just what’s needed to undo any tampering with reality or undo the damage done by Kang and his endless conquest.

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Another interesting factor of Franklin’s presence is that he would confirm the presence of another Reed Richards. Although it has never been seen, that would mean there are at least four reeds, including Roger Corman’s 90s version. The Fantastic Four. With these many additions, it would be incredibly easy to also introduce a Reed Council for the MCU version to come together. It could even involve other multiversal situations or a powerful side story where the MCU’s Reed recognizes the value of family and abandons the council, like in the comics.

Regardless of the outcome, the only clear thing about Franklin’s presence in X2 is that the option for such a powerful character to appear has become even narrower. Whether in the MCU or an alternate reality, Kang could only be the start as more Mutant appearances could mean even bigger threats that didn’t have the Fantastic Four’s expert upbringing. As a result, even though Franklin didn’t appear, the tease proved that this is just the beginning of powerful characters appearing.

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