How to get Howling Claws in Fortnite and all their abilities explained

Fortnite mares 2022 brought a handful of new features to Fortniteincluding new items, interactions, and abilities.

Like every year, Fortnite mares 2022 is associated with Halloween, so it’s no coincidence that most of the features added to the game alongside the event are spooky and tied to weird stories and legends. This year, players will be able to transform into a werewolf using Howler Claws.

Howling Claws aren’t difficult to acquire, but they can be quite tricky. Players will need to complete a single task before equipping the new item, which gives them the ability to transform into a dangerous predator.

How to Get Screaming Claws Fortnite

To use Howler Claws, you must first get your hands on it. To do this, players simply need to find one of the Alteration Altars, which are now scattered across the map. Once they’re there, they need to perform the ritual emote, which should be in your emote menu. Select them, do a little dance, and you’ll receive Screaming Claws as a reward.

What are the abilities of Howler Claws in Fortnite?

When players have Howling Claws, they can activate the item to gain three special abilities.

The first is Wolfscent Ability, which allows players to track enemies for a limited time, after which it will continue for a cooldown. When used, players will see other opponents in a nearby radius marked with a purple scent. However, if there are no enemies around them, the ability will immediately go into cooldown.

Another ability is Slash, which allows players to perform incredibly high melee attacks. Players will be able to do more damage than just dealing damage with single hits, as the Slash ability allows them to perform a four combo attack.

The third and final ability is Air Slash. With Howler Claws, players will be allowed to perform a double high jump that will launch them into the air. If you manage to land on one of your opponents, they will also take a lot of damage.

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