How to play Kiriko (abilities, skins, etc.)

Monitor 2 launched on October 4 with Kiriko as the new support hero. Kiriko learned the deadly art of ninjutsu from her mother Asa. When the Shimada can fall, Kiriko’s father was taken hostage and Kiriko had to be moved to her grandmother’s house. After years of training in the healing arts, she has returned to face her enemies.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Abilities

Kiriko’s abilities in Surveillance offer a mix of offensive and defensive abilities. She is primarily a healer, but her damage is quite high. Here is an overview of all its capabilities.

Climbing wall (passive): His passive allows him to jump on walls and climb them. It’s the same passive as Genji and Hanzo, and it gives him more mobility and survivability.

Ofuda healing (main fire): His main source of healing is his Healing Ofuda. It can store up to 10 charges which refresh quickly. You can heal in bursts by holding down your primary fire button or you can fire them at your allies one at a time. Each talisman heals allies for 13 HP each and throwing them in a burst heals allies for 26 HP.

Kunai (secondary fire): Kiriko’s secondary fire deals 40 damage per body shot and 120 damage per headshot and can hold up to 12 rounds before needing to reload. His secondary fire has pinpoint accuracy and can potentially double most heroes in the game.

Quick Step (Ability): Kiriko’s first ability is Swift Step which allows her to teleport to allies even through other characters. It has a short cooldown of 7 seconds and allows you to travel up to 35 meters.

Suzu Protection (Ability): Kiriko’s Protection Suzu is an arc projectile that makes allies immune on impact. It also cleans all negative effects and heals allies for 50 HP. The ability can be used to completely stop certain ultimates.

Kitsune Rush (Ultimate): Kiriko’s ultimate ability summons a fox spirit that rushes in and buffs all allies. Kitsune Rush improves movement speed by 50%, max range by 25 yards, rate of fire by 25%, cooldown by 50%, and all friendly abilities have a 60% cooldown reduction. Buffs last 10 seconds.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Skins

Here are all the skins available in Monitor 2 for Kiriko:

  • Athleisure (Legendary)
  • Sukajan (legendary)
  • Hinotori (Legendary – Battle Pass)
  • Matsuri (epic)
  • Ajisai (rare)
  • Fuji (rare)
  • Take (rare)
  • Tanpopo (rare)

Most Kiriko Skins Can Be Purchased Using Legacy Surveillance tokens as well as Monitor 2 coins. However, the Hinotori skin is exclusive to the Battle Pass. The Sukajan skin for Kiriko can be obtained for free as jerk drop from October 7 to 16 watching any Monitor 2 stream on Twitch for six hours.

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Cheats

Kiriko is designed as an aggressive support character. She can heal her allies, deal tons of damage, and buff her teammates. To truly master her, players must understand team synergies and develop an understanding of when to use her important abilities. Here are some tips that can help you master Kiriko in Monitor 2:

Aim for headshots: Aiming for headshots with Kiriko is important as she has a 3X multiplier to her damage. If you get caught out of position by an enemy or need to take out an important target, always aim for the head. Since your Kunai increases Critical Damage, you’ll be able to take out most enemies in just over a second. The hero is very demanding mechanically but she has pinpoint accuracy on her weapon, which should make it easier for you to master the deadliest component in her kit.

Combine Spirit Step with Suzu Protection: Supports can see when their allies are at critical health, and you can use your Spirit Step to encounter allies who are in danger even through walls as long as they are in range. Your Suzu Protection will grant you and your endangered ally immunity and you should be able to recover from the situation.

Use Suzu Protection to create winning games: Many ultimate abilities can be disabled if you time your Suzu Protection correctly. You can completely nullify all damage from D.Va or Cassidy’s Ultimate or even disable important abilities. You also need to identify abilities that aren’t cleared by the ability, which currently include Junkrat’s Steel Trap, Reinhardt’s Charge, Roadhog’s Chain Hook, Sigma’s Gravity Flow, and Zarya’s Gravity Surge.

You can also enable games with Protection Suzu by setting up abilities for your teammates. If we use Earthshatter as an example, Reinhardt is usually prone to having his ultimate canceled by other heroes. By making Reinhardt immune for a short time, he can remove his Ultimate without any interruptions.

Combine Kitsune Rush with other abilities: Kitsune Rush can make already devastating abilities and ultimates even deadlier. Storm Arrows and Whole Hog receive a massive rate of fire buff that allows them to deal increased damage in a shorter duration. However, there are some inconsistencies and abilities like Particle Barrier, Projected Barrier and Sentry Turret are not getting

When should you play Kiriko?

Kiriko is suitable for all maps, but she works best in more aggressive team compositions. Her healing output isn’t as high as Ana’s or Moira’s, but she can definitely manage on her own. If the other healer on your team is a Lucio or Zenyatta, it can be difficult to take on enemy teams that take a lot of splash damage.

Her protection Suzu can save your team in the blink of an eye and she is hard to kill thanks to Spirit Dash which can keep her away from danger. She’s arguably on par with Lucio and Zenyatta in utility and is a highly recommended choice if you want to play her. However, the meta needs to settle down before we really realize where she sits among the current healer roster.

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