How to unlock Master Spirit Guide difficulty in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits


Kena is no slouch, but if you want to make things even more difficult, you’ll want to unlock Master Spirit Guide.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits is already a pretty tough game in its normal difficulty, but if you want it to be the Dark Souls of Pixar lookalike, you’ll need to unlock the Master Spirit Guide.

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First, let’s review the other difficulties in the game. The first is Story Mode, which allows decay abilities to passively recharge, make enemies less aggressive, and cause you to take less damage.. Then, we have Spirit guide, normal mode, causing decay abilities to recharge when damaged.

Expert Spirit Guide is the hardest difficulty you can play right from the start of the game and causes rot abilities to only recharge when they take damage and have very aggressive enemies, with Kena taking a lot of damage. Finally we have Master Spirit Guide, which makes things considerably more difficult. For starters, courage is lost when you take damage. Enemies are also made even more aggressive, with even more damage taken. As the last nail in the coffin, you won’t be able to reduce the difficulty after choosing Master Spirit Guide, unlike other difficulties in the game which allow you to switch mid-game.

How to unlock Master Spirit Guide in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits


To unlock Master Spirit Guide you will need to beat Kena: Bridge of Spirits once. After completing the game, you will receive a notice on the title screen that you have unlocked Master Spirit Guide. To start the difficulty, you will need to create a new game from the title screen. As we said above, there is no permutation of another difficulty.

So beyond wanting some sort of challenge increase, why would you want to try the Master Spirit Guide difficulty? Really, the only good reason is to get the gold trophy, “Master Spirit Guide”, which you can only unlock if you complete the game on the highest difficulty. This means that if you are aiming for the Platinum Trophy, you will need to complete the game at least twice, once on the difficulty you choose first and once on Master Spirit Guide.

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