Job: Sustainability and Projects Manager – West Africa at FAN MILK plc

Fan Milk PLC was proudly incorporated in 1961 and has taken full responsibility for providing fantastic product choices to all Nigerians since 1963. It started with a dairy factory in Ibadan and a distribution center in Lagos. In 1981, a second dairy was commissioned in Kano.

Today, Fan Milk’s distribution network covers most of Nigeria. From large distribution centers, mini-distribution centers, depots, agents, franchisees, Fan Milk products travel to our many customers across the country.

We directly employ more than 800 employees and provide thousands of indirect jobs for thousands more, from riders to agents and franchisees, not to mention suppliers and vendors that cover the full spectrum of business activities.

Fan Milk’s most popular product is frozen yogurt, a fermented dairy product that anyone can easily digest. Other dairy products are chocolate milk and ice cream, as well as the fruit drink called FanDango.

When it started in 1963, Fan Milk produced white milk and chocolate milk which were sold by bicycle vendors. the range of dairy products was extended with cottage cheese and firm yoghurts for supermarkets. Later, ice cream was added to the dairy line and popsicles were introduced.

The original yogurt was a refrigerated product meant to be drinkable. then Fan Milk discovered that customers preferred it “strong” – frozen solid. Frozen yogurt has been a huge and lasting success in the Nigerian market.

Our top selling products in the Nigerian market are:

FanYogo Classic Yogurt
SuperYogo high quality yogurt
FanChoco chocolate milk
FanIce Ice Cream
FanDango fruit drink
Fantastic Yogurt Job Description

We are looking for a new colleague who will lead the delivery of corporate responsibility and sustainability for Fan Milk West Africa, drive the group’s strategic advocacy program and any projects from the Corporate Secretariat department that may be assigned.

The candidate must:

Be responsible for creating and implementing a CR&S approach that complements the company’s strategy in the areas of environment, social and governance (ESG) in accordance with regulatory expectations.
Anticipate trends and assess ESG risks across Fan Milk West Africa’s business to be a key driver of change in delivering “sustainable business growth” for Fan Milk West Africa.
Be responsible for projecting Fan Milk as an involved, responsible and forward-thinking corporate citizen as a member of the Danone group
Monitor and assess competitor activity and drive the implementation of a coordinated response
Own and drive assigned tasks with a focus on improving awareness, perception and consideration.
Strongly support the growth of brand strength performance scores for the Fan Milk group of companies.
Develop “just transition” initiatives such as social inclusion projects for dairy farming (e.g. ecosystem project)
Coordinate B Corp Certification
Climate workstream eg emission reduction targets within the Danone group and calculations (support for Operations and R&I teams for example)
“End of life” workstream at C&P, global packaging and circular economy initiatives (e.g., “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” initiatives).

Ideally you will have:

Graduate degree in marketing, social sciences or related discipline
7 to 8 years of experience in project management, communication or consulting, including at least 5 years in sustainable development projects
Demonstrable experience and training in project management (2-3 years)
Excellent written and spoken English
Excellent presentation skills
Good communication skills (in this case, ability to deal effectively with stakeholders from different backgrounds.
Presentation skills
Organization skills.

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