Juggernaut’s first fight with Doctor Strange gave him some of his weirdest powers

Juggernaut’s first battle with Doctor Strange and Nightmare saw the villainous X-Men employ some surprisingly powerful and unusual tactics.

X-Men villain Juggernaut (aka Cain Marko) is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. In terms of raw strength and durability, Marko has proven to be able to stand up to mighty heroes like Avengers’ Thor and The Incredible Hulk. Even when he has to adapt and use different powers, the almost unstoppable villain has proven to be one of the most powerful villains in the universe.

During one of his first appearances, the Juggernaut faced off against Doctor Strange and Nightmare and discovered how to use surprisingly varied mystical abilities due to his extended stay in a dangerous realm.

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How the Juggernaut Became a Doctor Strange Level Wizard

During one of his first battles with the X-Men, the Juggernaut was trapped in the Crimson Cosmos – the realm of the demonic entity Cyttorak, who gave him power in the first place. All of his escape attempts were thwarted, and the Juggernaut has spent untold time in this dimension. His fate has been revisited in Doctor strange # 182 (by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan). Separated from Cyttorak’s gem that empowered him and trapped him in the crimson cosmos, the Juggernaut lost his super strength and stamina. But his extended stay in the Mystical Realm gave him the freedom to learn and adapt to a different kind of power, and he eventually learned to shoot explosions of mystical energy from his hands and manipulate the energy. who had initially granted him his powers.

The Juggernaut was able to use his new abilities to dampen the power of others, reducing them in range and size until he was physically able to overcome them. These powers came in handy when the Juggernaut stumbled upon a much larger battle between Doctor Strange and the dark being known as Nightmare. After capturing Eternity in an attempt to steal its power, the Sorcerer Supreme’s nemesis has gained the upper hand over Strange. Sensing the Juggernaut in the parallel dimension and deciding that Cain Marko could be a useful joker in his fight against his opponent, Doctor Strange successfully summoned Juggernaut to his side, promising to bring him back to Earth in return for his help in defeating him. Nightmare.

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Could Juggernaut use his magical powers again?

Although Juggernaut turned on Doctor Strange in the latter part of the battle and was eventually sent back to the Crimson Cosmos, it was still an impressive display from the character. Notably, even this inexperienced version of Juggernaut is a real threat, standing up to a being as powerful as Nightmare with his brief mystical abilities, which he only displayed when connected to the Crimson Cosmos. After returning to the material world, Juggernaut again began to use his strength as his primary means of causing chaos.

Considering his overall history in the Marvel Universe, it’s surprising to see the Juggernaut use mystical abilities from a distance like he did in this classic story, but he also agrees that he’s still dangerous even though he does. wielded powers he did not fully understand. With the recent death of Doctor Strange and the potential release of the power of the Darkhold forcing characters in the Marvel Universe to rely more on mystical powers and strategies, it would be interesting if the Juggernaut returned to using the skills he acquired in the Crimson Cosmos. At the very least, they could give him an unexpected advantage over his enemies.

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