Jupiter Avionics Expands Capabilities of Crew Communication Products


New products include the JA95-091 audio controller, which expands an ICS system via a passenger headset connection. It allows for up to seven users, five transceivers, a public address system and four receiver inputs.

In addition to the JA95-091, Jupiter Avionics also introduced the JA72-410 glove box which includes two charging ports for USB-A and USB-C devices. A new UJAC2-001 panel mount charger has been added for USB-C devices. The JA77-006 switch plate has two customizable legends per switch position and can accommodate up to four toggle switches. New sizes have also been added to the glove box range.

Celebrate a 10th anniversary

“As with many companies, 2020 presented a lot of challenges for us,” said Bryan Hart, Director of Sales and Marketing for Jupiter Avionics. “But our engineering team has never stopped dreaming, working and creating new products. We’re excited to showcase nine new products at AEA 2021 here in Dallas. For ten years we have been introducing new products, and this is a great way to celebrate our anniversary.

Dallas Avionics is the North American storage distributor of Jupiter Avionics. “We offer all Jupiter Avionics products and have kept them on our product list for ten years,” said Scott Davis, vice president of sales and marketing for Dallas Avionics. “The introduction of new products and new features over existing products reiterates why we continue to be the exclusive distributor of Jupiter Avionics.”

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