Justices of the Peace briefing scheduled for Port Lincoln | Port Lincoln Weather

The need for more justices of the peace in the community prompted people to learn how to serve their community together during an information session on Thursday.

The Southern Eyre Group of Justices invites people to find out how to become a justice of the peace during a half-hour briefing at the Grand Tasman Hotel on November 25 at 5:30 p.m.

People will have the chance to learn about the process to become a judge, what is required and what functions are involved in the role.

The President of the Royal Association of Justices of South Australia, Gerry Guerin, will also be in attendance.

Southern Eyre Group president Gloria Duurland said there was a need for judges in the community.

“Due to COVID, people are having a hard time finding a justice of the peace,” she said.

“We have a number of justices of the peace who due to COVID who are not active and we have determined that we would like to hold a public meeting for anyone interested in becoming a justice of the peace. “

Ms Duurland said justices of the peace act as an independent and impartial witness to documents produced by people for legal or official purposes, such as statutory declarations, affidavits and certifications of copies of documents and that the recruitment and registration was managed by the Department of the Attorney General in South Africa.

She said due to COVID registration was essential and anyone interested should contact Deb Sykes on 0414 848 886 by Monday, November 22.

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