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Bad popularity data and the flood of rumors in the great political fair that is Washington is eroding the figure of Kamala Harris, the woman who almost a year ago made history by becoming not only the first vice -President of the United States, but also the first black person to obtain it. Judging by the polls, government attrition has taken its toll on Harris rather than President Joe Biden. And in the capital a dark story has settled: articles have proliferated which speak of the frustration of her team due to the lack of importance she has obtained in recent months; her spokesperson, Symone Sanders, just announced her departure and a few weeks ago her communications director, Ashley Etienne, did the same after a devastating report on CNN, which forced Harris out to deny the problems. with Biden.

Vice President of the United States is a very special position. He’s a step away from the world’s most powerful office, and at the same time, barring a death, his duties seem purely cosmetic on the outside, even though he ends up being the person the president consults the most. , as Biden describes. its mandate. number two in the shadow of Barack Obama. Benjamin Franklin once proposed to treat anyone who occupies the post of vice president as “his superfluous excellence.” Nelson Rockefeller, who played this role with Gerald Ford (1974-1977), summed up his work as follows: “I go to funerals, I go to earthquakes. Thomas Marshall, vice-president of Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921), defined the position of “cataleptic”: “He cannot speak, he cannot move, he does not feel pain, he is perfectly aware of everything. what’s going on, but it does. not participate.

However, that all changes when the person under the microscope is someone who has raised so many expectations. Harris, in addition to shattering one of those crushing glass ceilings, works for a man who just turned 79, which from the start spurred speculation about his replacement for the 2024 election, despite the fact that the Democrat insisted. on several occasions that he plans to reappear, in large part, as a way to silence the noise about it and generate more stability. Vice-presidents have been natural candidates for the presidency – Biden himself, George HW Bush or Richard Nixon were in power previously – but many doubts have been cast over Harris’ ability to win a presidential election.

The polls averaged by Real Clear Politics put the percentage of support at 40%, two points below Biden (42%), and an analysis of Los Angeles Times, who does the most detailed follow-up (Harris is a Californian), points out that his data is worse than that of Biden when he was vice president, Al Gore (vice president with Bill Clinton) or even Dick Cheney (George W . Bush).

While he’s not the only one, male chauvinism is one of the big factors that help explain the dissatisfaction. Harris’ main rejection comes from men, whose support rate is 18 points lower than that of women. The vice president is the constant target of the most sexist attacks not only on social media, but also on conservative television. Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield posted videos of Harris laughing and relating her to the “Wicked Witches of the West.” In addition, messages attributing his political career to alleged past romances have multiplied since the election.

Patti Solis Doyle, a political strategist who led Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008, warns of the double standards that women in politics suffer from, how simply aspiring to power erodes their image . “Prior to announcing his candidacy, when Clinton was Secretary of State, his support was around 70% and he was stepping in and crumbling.” Also, he adds, weighs the little time Harris has had so far to define his role. “It took a few years for Vice President Al Gore to identify with his fight for the climate, Biden became the person Obama consulted with everything and Vice President Mike Pence [con Donald Trump] he ended up as a tsar against the pandemic, but it was at the end ”.

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When Larry Sabato, director of the Policy Center at the University of Virginia, is asked if there is racial or gender bias in Harris’ low popularity, he replies, “Is he the Argentine Pope? Sabato, a leading election analyst in the United States, points out that those who are pioneers in something, who break a glass ceiling, “bear the particular burden of proving that they are ‘worth’ for the job. is unfair, but is there anything right in politics? He also adds that the vice president “has been given very difficult tasks, like immigration, and there is nothing to be gained from this issue, all parties will find things to criticize in every movement”.

Indeed, Biden entrusted to his number two the management of a very thorny file, the migratory pressure on the southern border with the United States, with which there is much to lose and the only political victory is to save the furniture. . On her first international trip as Vice President, visiting Guatemala and Mexico last June, Harris was tasked with telling Central American undocumented migrants fleeing poverty: “Don’t come to the United States.” , four words that guaranteed him a barrage of criticism from progressive voters.

Any movement to open up, on the contrary, becomes ammunition for Republicans who accuse the Democratic administration of opening borders to everyone, while Biden has maintained some of the most restrictive policies of the Trump era. The migratory flow has left record numbers since Biden arrived with the arrest of 1.7 million people since September last year, the highest number on record.

There is also a clear ripple effect of the president’s low popularity which has occurred regularly in every administration. Historian Julian Zelizer, professor of public policy at Princeton University, points out that it, moreover, “has not been particularly visible in recent months and, at a time when approval ratings are dropping for President, that makes sense. that the vice-president, who normally no longer sees his accomplishments recognized, finds himself in a worse place ”.

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