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Karl Bowman has been featured as part of the Our People Our Stories initiative for his volunteer work with numerous organizations, including Volunteer Marine Rescue and the Bundaberg Police Crime Prevention Unit.

Karl Bowman, 78, volunteered with the community by accident, but said he loved every aspect of volunteering his time to help others.

The local man was praised for his work in educating others through his volunteer position with many organizations, including the Bundaberg Police, as part of the Bundaberg Regional Council’s Our People Our Stories project.

The initiative aims to bring the community together by sharing the stories of residents who have done extraordinary things.

Born in 1942 in Greenwich, London, Karl first studied to become a teacher in the prison service.

He had only planned to move to Australia for two years when a position opened up, but knew that after nine months he was here to stay.

Karl shared his teaching skills as a technology teacher at New South Whales at Longbay Correctional Complex, Paramatta Correctional Center and Yasmar Juvenile Justice Center.

He worked in maximum and minimum security prisons with men, women and minors.

Today Karl volunteers with Volunteer Marine Rescue as well as Bundaberg Police in their Crime Prevention Unit which provides education to the public.

“A lot of people talk about making a better society and I think actions speak louder than words,” he said.

Passionate about making people smile, Karl has been piloting his “freedom machine” for 30 years.

The hovercraft enthusiast was able to please the kids at Camp Quality with free rides and even featured his hovercraft in movies.

He said one of the biggest highlights was when he delivered Billy Idol at the NRL big final concert in Sydney in 2002.

“It gives me purpose and makes me feel useful and young,” he said.

“With my work on the hovercraft, I have certainly met some very interesting people.”

Karl Bowman delivers Billy Idol on stage at the NRL Grand Final Concert in Sydney in 2000.

Karl loves to fly hovercraft and said it reminded him of what life is like.

“Be grateful for what you have because it’s very easy to take life for granted,” he said.

“You have to go out more, you have to travel and experience life. “

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