Knowledge is our best defense | Letters to the Editor

I would strongly encourage all Americans to become aware of the background — and past and present political policies — of anyone running for local, state, and national office. Too often candidates are not completely honest about themselves and make false promises in campaign speeches.

From what I have seen happen in the current government administration, I believe it has been greatly influenced by Open Borders, One World Government and One World Order philosophies. Our government has opened up our southern border and made bad deals with China, Iran and other countries that profess to hate America.

Communists take control of countries by running for – and infiltrating – positions at all levels of government, as well as positions in the courts, and thus make laws to change and dominate the countries that they want to control.

I believe that requiring US citizenship and voter registration is necessary to protect the integrity of the vote and the freedoms that too many of us take for granted.

I would also caution anyone against voting for district attorneys — or other candidates — backed by George Soros. It seems that his candidates feel obligated to him and his political program because he pays for their election campaigns. I previously read on Google that George Soros wreaked havoc on the Bank of England, left England and went to Russia. Because of his actions there, Russia expelled him. He was later admitted to the United States and was in fact allowed to become a US citizen. It would probably be wise to educate us on George Soros and his political philosophies.

I believe that we are well prepared if, in all circumstances, we remember that “knowledge is power”.

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