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Nagaland CM Honors CSU Platinum Jubilee Celebration

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Kohima | February 15

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio said today that knowledge of the book is not enough. “The book teaches us the basics, but to progress we need wisdom and preservation of culture and tradition,” Rio said at the Chakhesang Students’ Union (CSU) Platinum Jubilee celebration. to Phek under the theme, “toward a refined guild,” Rio said. “When the student understands moral values, honesty and hardship, then only welfare comes to society,” he said.

Rio informed that he referred to Phek District as “Land of Tradition”, “because I see our Chakhesang brothers very vibrant and among the Naga tribes of many tribes, I see honesty, hard work and integrity you have.”

He appreciated the Chakhesang community for their commitment to upholding the Naga identity in promoting culture and tradition in times of modern education and development. Speaking of the determination and commitment of the Chakhesang community, Rio hopes they will lead the Nagas and set a good example to the people.

“You do very well in education and with morals and values, honesty and hard work, you can do much better,” he said.

Rio welcomed the decision of the Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) to ban the import of cattle into its jurisdiction. The Nagas only talked about politics and didn’t discuss much about economics because until now it depended on the state government and still remained a consumer society; he said and challenged people to discuss economics and start doing economic activities. “Although many of us are talking about the right thing, we are not doing the right thing,” he said, adding “Therefore, we lack practice.”

“I want Phek district to be one of the leading districts and communities to promote the economy,” he said.

Addressing the traditional practice of agricultural activities, he said, “Today tradition is not enough and people must practice modern agriculture and use the latest technologies and must promote and practice economic activities that are highly profitable.”

From next April, the state government is trying to introduce micro-finance to farmers and micro-entrepreneurs, he said while stating that the Nagaland Legislature has amended the law SARFAESI where people can take loans from banks.

Meanwhile, he lamented that many people are looking for white-collar jobs that are not available and reiterated that people in the state need to see the potentials and explore.

Choose the right job: Azo

Sharing our greetings, MP Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu, who was also the host of the 75th anniversary party, said that on the road to success, there is always like us and not me or me.

“There’s always someone behind you, even though they might not be in the foreground, there’s always someone supporting you in your weakest hour,” Azo said.

He said that you have to believe in words of reciprocity and at the same time you have to believe in giving back to society, adding that “you have to believe in giving back to God for what he has done for us, you have to believe in recovery time and you also have to believe in Karma.

In this, Azo called on students to be honest and to continue doing good things and being an asset to society.

“We really live in a paradox of choice, think and choose the right profession to shine in life,” Azo added.

Peace and stability is the only way: NSF

Congratulating CSU on reaching 75, Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) President Kegwayhun Tep said, “History will tell us that our Chakhesang people have always remained at the forefront in the defense of Naga identity, whether in the political, social and cultural fabric. of our people.

He appreciated the Chakhesangs known for their bravery, honesty, loyalty, hard work and peaceful community.

“We live in an era of social change and technological advancement at an unprecedented rate. For us, the Naga people, who barely emerged from the whims and mercy of nature and world politics barely a century ago. Where are we today ? “, did he declare.

He said it is important that we realize that the problems we face today cannot be solved in the ways and fashions of yesterday.

“As a people, we need to break away from yesterday’s conventional mindset and other practices that have slowed us down in social and economic growth. We cannot afford to limit ourselves within the narrow limits of our borders and our tribal mentality. We must continually adapt, evolve and keep pushing ourselves beyond our limits in order to achieve what we truly desire to achieve as a community and as worthy people,” he said.

Tep continued that “until we are ready to act and are able to apply our knowledge in practice, our vision of a better future will always remain a distant dream.”

He also challenged the students to step out of the comfort of their homes and social media to actively participate in the collective aspiration of a self-reliant Naga society.

“Let us take advantage of the rich resources and lands that have been given to us in abundance. Let’s create marketing avenues and employment opportunities for our youth and become key players in our economy,” he said.

Tep said that moving forward, the only real essence to progress as a people is peace and stability.

“Peace and stability are the only path to development and prosperity,” he said.

Let us work consistently to facilitate unity among us to achieve lasting peace and meaningful coexistence in our homeland and across the region, he added.

Tep made it clear to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, who was present at the ceremony, “that we young people have been waiting for a long time for the Nagaland Personnel Selection Committee to be set up in the state of Nagaland.”

He spoke of the immense hardships and mental trauma that young people experience due to the two years spent in employment in Group 3 positions.

The NSF chairman was optimistic that Rio would step in and have the NSSB in place within a month.

‘Backward Tribe Tag’ Shouldn’t Limit Potential

Referring to the “Backward Tribe” label, CSU President Vetho Vadeo said, “While past circumstances may have compelled us to reap the benefits of affirmative action, and perhaps we do still needed, but we should always bear in mind that the Backward Tribe label is not something that should limit our potential just as much as it was not something to be ashamed of, it should not become our source of employment or be taken as an excuse to work less hard.

In this, he challenged the students to be a forward-thinking tribe in their attitude as well as in their conduct, regardless of statutory status.

“To build our confidence in this regard, we can recall how we were one of the most socially advanced Naga tribes before and during British rule due to our highly advanced and productive traditional method of farming practices,” said he said, adding that agriculture being the main source of livelihood has made us an economically healthy and prosperous tribe.

Previously, the Jubilee Blessing was delivered by former CSU President Deo Nukhu. Chakhesang Public Organization (CPO) Chairman Vezuhu Keyho also urged the rally. Former CSU President Kekhwengulo Lea presided over the ceremony while the head of the Central Organizing Committee (COC) Miitsikhoyo Yhobu delivered a welcoming speech. Later, Dr. Zavise Rume from SCERT Nagaland acted as speaker during the thematic session. Heiko Kent, President of the Rengma Student Union, shared his greetings. Meanwhile, the cultural session will be held on February 16 from 10:00 a.m. with Neiba Kronu, Minister of Planning and Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs as the cultural guest.

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