Launch of One Deck Galaxy on Kickstarter


Manufacturers of A bridge Dungeon launched a Kickstarter to fund a new sci-fi themed card game. Asmadi Games launched the Kickstarter for Galaxy at a bridge earlier this week. While Galaxy at a bridge uses some of the same mechanics and concepts as its popular “rogue-like” cousin Dungeon at a bridge, it has a few key differences. On the one hand, long-term strategic planning is crucial for success, and high and low dice rolls can be helpful in good scenarios. Galaxy at a bridge is a cooperative game for 1-2 players, although the game can support up to four players if two sets are combined.

The players start Galaxy at a bridge by choosing a Homeworld, a Society and an Adversary. On each turn, players roll a game of dice which are used to fill in the boxes on the location and encounter cards that are drawn from the Galaxy Deck. Each location and encounter requires different combinations of dice colors and numbers to complete. Completing a Galaxy Deck card grants players additional dice in their pool and additional abilities to manipulate the dice. A player’s objective is to build their Federation by completing milestones on their Company and Homeworld cards. This will allow players to increase their dice pool and add special abilities.

A major difference between Galaxy at a bridge and Dungeon at a bridge is the presence of a Starbase, a map on which you can place random dice to build fleets and collect research. These additional abilities allow a player to continue collecting resources even when the dice don’t fall in their way.

At the end of the game, players will have to face an opponent, civilization, or enemy creature that gains power throughout the game. Each opponent will have different abilities to hamper players and will require multiple confrontations to defeat them.

Dungeon at a bridge launched in 2016 by Asmadi Games and quickly spawned a number of expansions. Nominated for several board game awards, Dungeon at a bridge gained popularity when a digital version of the game launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Galaxy at a bridge‘s Kickstarter has raised over $ 130,000 since launching last week and has already surpassed its goal of $ 50,000. Contributors will receive a copy of the game with a pledge of $ 25. You can check out the full Kickstarter here.

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