Legal Knowledge Will Help End Domestic Violence, Judge Says | Hubballi News


Dharwad: Even though several laws have been enacted to protect women, the elderly and children, domestic violence and social ills such as child marriage and forced labor are becoming obstacles to the development of society. To put an end to such evil practices, everyone must be aware of the laws, said CM Pushpalata, senior civil judge and member secretary of the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA).
Speaking at a legal awareness program on women’s legal education, organized by the DLSA in association with the Department of Women and Child Welfare here on Sunday, she said Indian tradition holds the women in high esteem, but domestic violence continues to exist due to lack of knowledge of the tradition. and laws.
“The conflict of interest between family members, especially between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, is leading to the rise of retirement homes. Every daughter-in-law should understand that she too will be a mother-in-law in the future and will face the same situation. If love and harmony persist in the family, a peaceful family life can be achieved, ”she said.
Existing laws should be used to create peace and harmony, not abuse it to keep hostility alive, Pushpalata said.
The deputy director of the Department for the Protection of Women and Children, Huligemma Kukanoor, called on the women to acquire legal knowledge to protect themselves from harassment.

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