Local Trooper named 2021 Indiana State Police Trooper of the Year

Indiana State Police Superintendent Douglas G. Carter announced Friday that the recipient of the 2021 Indiana State Police Soldier of the Year is Private Andrew D. Rasala Jr.

Rasala is the first soldier assigned to the Lowell Post to receive this distinction. He is also the 2021 District Trooper for the Lowell Post.

In 2021, Rasala was assigned to the day shift at the Lowell Post, specializing as a member of the All Crimes Policing (ACP) team. Rasala is a Field Training Officer (FTO), Mobile Field Force (MFF) and Background Investigator. As of 2021, Rasala had 1026 traffic contacts, 135 felony arrests (including 70 for felonies). In addition to regular patrol duties, Rasala seized over 1200 pounds. illegal drugs, including cocaine, methamphetamine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs; 25 firearms and over $340,400 in US currency. Rasala accomplished all of this while taking routine support calls, including 321 police and 33 accident reports. The District No. 1 Law Enforcement Board also recently recognized Rasala for exemplary service in 2021.

The Indiana State Police said that in his appointment, Rasala was seen as a leader by example, acting as the informal leader of the ACP team.

“His dedication and initiative are evident on a daily basis. Trp. Rasala is described as regularly receiving positive feedback from fellow soldiers as well as the public regarding his work ethic and calm demeanor.

In addition to duties required by the Indiana State Police while serving the citizens of Indiana, Trp. Rasala also serves her community as the School Resource Officer for the East Porter County School Corporation.

Private Rasala is a seven-year veteran of the Indiana State Police. He resides in Porter County with his wife Kristina and their two children.

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