Ludhiana DC behaves like an arrogant political leader: Teachers: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, February 8

Deputy Commissioner Varinder Kumar Sharma’s statement on social media regarding the forced retirement of employees demanding to be exempted from voting rights has been strongly condemned by teachers’ unions.

In a statement released to the media, the deputy commissioner had said he would send a recommendation to the government to retire about 1,000 employees requesting exemption from voting rights for various reasons.

The teachers said that Varinder Kumar Sharma spoke sarcastically about the employees, who are unable to perform their election duty due to poor health or family members. The DC said it will recommend the government retire these employees and believes women who are worried about their sick mothers-in-law should also be retired, the teachers said. Teachers union leaders Daljit Samrala, Gurpreet Singh, Davinder Singh, Sukhdev Hathur, Amandeep Singh Nolari, Hoshiar Singh, Ravinder Happy, Gurbachan Singh, Harpinder Shahi and Sanjay Puri strongly condemned the Deputy Commissioner’s “controversial” statement.

Speaking to the media at a press conference here today, Daljit Samrala, District General Secretary of the Teachers Democratic Front, said: “This behavior of Ludhiana DC resembles that of an arrogant political leader and CEO of a commercial company. Daljit said that these civil servants have forgotten the language of civil servants and in the public sector they treat civil servants as their personal servants. They do not realize that it is essential for a democratic system to take into account the fundamental and human rights of people and workers when taking jobs from them.

President of the Teachers’ Democratic Front Jagraon bloc, Davinder Singh Sidhu, said that based on his recent candidacy, the electoral commission had given instructions to the electoral director of Ludhiana DC district to assign the tasks to teachers and staff. in their paternal or neighboring constituencies. . All of these instructions were ignored by the DC, the teachers claimed.

Leaders said that if the DC does not withdraw its statement with an apology, the teachers’ union united front will hold a large demonstration next week in protest at the district administration office.

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