Marvel Snap: the best card combinations

marvel snap has become one of the most popular new collectible card games, and for good reason. Players enjoy the game’s strategy as well as how the cards tie into the Marvel franchise, with the cards’ abilities resembling the abilities of heroes in the comic books or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although each card has its own power level, which contributes to the player’s point total, this is not the only thing players need to be concerned about. Most cards have special abilities that make them better – or worse – with certain other card combinations. In order to consistently win games, level up, and earn more cards, it’s important to know which card combinations are most beneficial when played together.

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Forge and Mister Sinister rack up points in Marvel Snap

While not one of the most powerful card combinations, the usefulness of these two cards is often underestimated. Forge has an energy cost of two and a power of one, but it’s his special ability that makes him more useful than people think. Playing Forge anywhere on the board will add two powers to the next card played. Mister Sinister, another card with a cost of two energy, has a power of two. However, when played, it creates a Sinister Clone card which is played to the same location when the card is revealed.

The reason these two cards are a great combination is that when Forge is played before Mister Sinister, Sinister creates two four-power cards in the slot, instead of two two-power cards. Pair them with other cards that increase in power based on the number of cards in the slot, such as Wolfsbane or Ant-Man, and it creates a decent amount of power with less powerful cards.

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Zero can dampen destroyer power

It may not seem that Zero is a very useful card, but in combination with other cards it can help create an unbeatable amount of power. Zero costs one energy and adds three power to where he plays, but that’s not the most important thing about him. Zero’s special ability removes the abilities of the next card played. It shouldn’t be played without a plan; it could be detrimental. Destroyer is a great option to play after Zero. It has an energy cost of six, so it cannot be played until later turns, but its power is sixteen. However, its ability is to destroy all other cards you have played, in each slot. When Zero is first played, this ability is negated and Destroyer adds 16 points to the slot.

Ironheart’s ability is maxed with the help of Odin

Odin costs six energy, so it can only be played later in the game, or until the last turn if there is no slot that gives extra energy. However, it adds a lot more to the site than just eight powers. When Odin is played, he activates all On Reveal abilities of other cards in the slot, so it’s important to play him in a slot that already has On Reveal cards. Ironheart, a 3 energy, 0 power card, doesn’t seem to be particularly useful, but it adds +2 power to three other cards. When playing with Odin, she does it once more.

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With Polaris, Aero or Magneto, Kingpin takes over the competition

Kingpin is a three-cost, four-power card with an interesting ability. Wherever Kingpin is placed, it destroys all cards that move there on turn 6. When Kingpin is paired with cards like Magneto, Polaris, or Aero, however, it can create quite a frustrating situation for an opponent. Polaris, Aero, and Magneto all cause enemy cards (in one form or another) to move to a chosen location. When paired with the same slot as Kingpin, enemy cards are moved there on turn six and destroyed. However, it’s important not to play Kingpin too early, because opponents will see what’s coming and fill that slot with cards, so nothing can move there.

Spectrum or Doctor Doom can flourish with Wong’s help

Wong is a four cost energy card and provides two power to the slot played, but it also provides a nice continuous ability for other cards played to the slot. Wong causes all On Reveal abilities of other cards played there to occur twice instead of once. This is extremely useful when paired with cards like Spectrum, which gives all current cards +2 power, or Doctor Doom, which adds a +5 powered Doombot to each other. When paired with Wong, these things happen twice, causing Spectrum to add +4 to other cards in progress and Doom to add two +5 Doombots to each other for a total of +10 per location.

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