Meet Krishna Gowda, hearing-impaired cricketer with extraordinary athletic abilities


Young deaf cricketer Krishna Kumar Gowda with spectacular athletic ability has won many accolades and proved the sky is his limit. Since his childhood he loved to play cricket. Sensing his passion for the game, his parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams of cricket. He had the opportunity to play cricket from his school. He has represented his school both at state and national level. His team became the Maharashtra Deaf T-20 Cricket champion in 2019. He has received numerous awards, medals and certificates. He has been playing cricket for 15 years.

Krishna was born in Mumbai on September 14, 1997. He comes from a middle class family. Both of her parents work in the private sector. He is the eldest son of a younger brother. He has been hard of hearing since birth.

He studied at the Speech & Hearing School in Mumbai until the 1st Standard. Later, his teacher suggested that his parents transfer him to a normal school. He was admitted to the Podar school, Santacruz. He finished his studies until the 11th Standard. He is a former student of the DTP course at the Ali Yavarjung National Institute for Speech and Hearing Disorders. [AYJNISHD] (D), Bombay.

Krishna’s main goal and dream is to play cricket. His dedication to cricket has allowed him to achieve even more success. He rose through the ranks and was selected to play in the Deaf Premier League (DPL). He will represent Maharashtra in 2022. He has joined the Air India Sports Club from where he will receive training and advice.

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In addition to gambling, he became financially independent by finding a job at Amazon and receiving a salary of Rs. 10,000 / – per month. He also shows his skills in the workplace. His dedication to work will certainly take him to higher levels in the professional arena.

This young boy can be a role model for others. He showed the hearing-impaired community that “Yes, the deaf can”. He will certainly represent our country and play internationally. One day he will make India proud for sure.

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