Minecraft Player Makes Shocking Discovery About Enderman’s Abilities

A Minecraft player made a shocking discovery when he observed an Enderman climbing a ladder, exhibiting skills the player had never seen before.

A Minecraft player made a shocking discovery while tending to his Enderman XP farm. Although the game is just over ten years old, players are still finding little secrets that might have been in the game since its launch. With Minecraft being one of the most popular games of all time, it always surprises players when they discover something new.

from Minecraft the core gameplay elements haven’t changed much since launch; players start with nothing in an open sandbox world where they must allocate resources to survive as long as they can. Over time, players have found new ways to succeed in Minecraft with much more ease and less risk. One such method is the mob farm, where players limit the area a certain type of mob can spawn and farm their XP/resources without the hassle of traditional combat. Players have found some truly remarkable ways to farm mobs for XP and resources; one player even built a huge Minecraft pyramid to hold 40 different farms dedicated to different mobs and resources.


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Reddit user razzmadazzled was tending to their underground farm Enderman when they made a shocking observation; an Enderman was able to spawn outside of the allotted space and climb a ladder to escape the mob farm. The video on u/razzmadazzled’s post shows the Enderman rapidly rising through the ranks as soon as he appears, making many viewers wonder how or why something like this could happen.

Minecraft mobs are generally unable to do things like open doors and toggle switches. Watching the Enderman rise through the ranks raised concerns in the minds of many players, prompting questions about the AI ​​in from Minecraft monster. Improving the mob AI is something that can only be done with the use of mods, as the vanilla mob AI has remained in a relatively unchanged state ever since. from Minecraft launched about ten years ago. A commenter on the post claimed that mobs have always been able to climb ladders, but lack the AI ​​to seek them out. The video shows the Enderman appearing near the ladder with nowhere to go, which means that was likely the case in razzmadazzled’s experiment.

Regardless of how the Enderman was able to escape, the clip is still fun to watch and shows that there are still plenty of mysteries yet to be uncovered. Minecraft. Maybe gamers could even use the clip as a motive to pressure Mojang to improve the AI ​​in from Minecraft monster.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: razzmadazzled/Reddit

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