Minister of Foreign Affairs says no changes are made to “rich and varied” personal laws specific to Muslim, Kandyan and Tamil communities | Print edition

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Foreign Minister GL Peiris hosted a working dinner for heads of mission from Muslim countries in Colombo last Tuesday. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was the guest of honor.

These days, it is evident that the government is using available channels and diplomatic channels to attract foreign direct investment or currency exchange as the country’s economy has plunged into the worst crisis since independence.

The latest attempt in this regard was made by Foreign Minister GL Peiris who hosted a working dinner for heads of mission from Muslim countries in Colombo last Tuesday.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was also present as a guest of honor. Mr. Rajapaksa and Prof. Peiris urged representatives of Islamic countries to help Sri Lanka’s economic recovery.

Professor Peiris said Sri Lanka will continue to uphold its rich democratic tradition as a society where everyone, regardless of religion or race, enjoys the freedom to express their identity through their own religion, culture and language. .

“This is also reflected in our rich and varied legal tradition which includes personal laws specific to Muslim, Kandyan and Tamil communities. Sri Lanka will continue to keep them, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

The learned professor has attempted to paint a rosy picture of the government’s initiative, but he cannot ignore the recent controversial nomination of “One country; The head of the presidential task force of One Law, who officially stated that we should remove personal laws relating to the respective ethnic communities.

A joke was to say that the president should appoint yet another task force to secure “a government; a politic.

Ariyakulam leisure park: controversy between the governor of the North and Jaffna MC

Shortly after the renovated Ariyakulam Recreation Park, located next to Sri Naga Viharaya in Jaffna, was recently declared open, an official note sent by Northern Governor Jeevan Thiyagarajah to key provincial offices raised eyebrows. civil administration.

Among them is the mayor of Jaffna who oversaw the process of restoring the park. Hearing about the memo, even some of Jaffna’s city councilors ask a relevant question: Who runs the civil administration and local government affairs in the North?

The city council renovated the park last week with its own funds and public donations. It was declared open last week. The Council is also entrusted with the mission of maintaining the park. Some councilors are furious and accuse the governor of interfering with the tasks assigned to the council.

In the note, the governor ordered that the religious songs of the four major religions be played at different intervals from the Ariyakulam limit of 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Traders and local residents of surrounding areas have expressed concerns over the move, saying it was noise pollution and should be scrapped.

The governor also proposed that the Jaffna MC be a control center with contributions from all four religions, and this initiative should be operational within two weeks.

Northern civil administration is filled with disputes over delegated powers and assigned tasks within various state institutions that fall under provincial and central government.

A city councilor said that even the removal of garbage from the official governors’ bungalow is the responsibility of the city council as it is located within the boundaries of the municipality, but he did not have to send a letter to the council at this. topic.

“If he wants to promote reconciliation, there are many steps he can take, such as freeing up land occupied by the military, but these types of cheap stunts won’t do any good or last long.”

The people appointed by the task force know each other through the media

Three new members have been appointed to the Presidential Working Group on Archaeological Heritage Management in the Eastern Province.
One of them – a retired senior official from the Sri Lanka Administration Service (SLAS) – learned that he had been appointed to the task force through the media and decided not to take the post. .

According to the extraordinary notification published in the gazette last week, Surveyor General Ariyarathna Dissanayaka, retired Chief Secretary A. Pathinathan and lecturer Mufhisal Abubakkar are the new members of the PTF.
Former Northern Province chief secretary A. Pathinathan told his close associates that he had not been contacted prior to his appointment and would not accept the appointment as the topic was new to him.

BoI not on board regarding investments

The chairman and directors of the Board of Investment (BoI) would not have thought that not only was it difficult to obtain high-level positions in government, but resigning seems even more difficult under the current government.

On December 1, the president and directors of the BoI handed over their resignation documents to Presidential Secretary PB Jayasundara. He sent a response saying the president wanted them to continue in their posts and refused to accept the resignations.

However, the President of the BoI, Sanjaya Mohottala, met the President this week and reiterated his desire to step down from his post and he was ultimately removed from his post as President. Previously, Justice Minister Ali Sabry had not had this chance. His resignation was also turned down and it continues in his portfolio.

BoI sources said the main reason for the massive resignations from the national agency dedicated to attracting foreign direct investment to the country would be disputes between unions within the organization and lack of support from the mainstream. government ministers to accelerate its ambitious initiatives.

Admiral brews tea in China and explains why we’re losing

Foreign Secretary Admiral Jayanath Colombage was at the International Conference on Business Studies (ICBR 2021) held on Thursday, where he spoke in detail about global affairs in the post-pandemic world. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Business of the University of Moratuwa.

He also highlighted some of the common shortcomings of Sri Lankan companies in the areas of innovation and value-added products. He found a perfect solution. “China loves our black tea, fermented black tea. The question they frequently ask is why is your tea so cheap and not packaged properly. We are happy to only export containers of black tea, but not to pack them to add more value and get more money, ”said the secretary, noting that one of the main local tea exporters has started to export it. do recently.

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