MTG: Best Dark Planeswalker Cards

Each planeswalker is intimidating on its own. They land on the battlefield and you immediately know it’s going to be a fight to take them down. Black planeswalkers offer a lot of versatility and value in your deck since black is the true suppression color. They also offer multiple ways to draw cards and can return creatures to the battlefield.

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Planeswalkers of this color have access to all of these abilities and more. From demons to necromancers, black planeswalkers utilize the best abilities black has to offer. These are objectively the best planeswalkers that operate under this part of the color chart.


9 Tevesh Szat, the fate of fools

Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools might be a niche planeswalker card since it’s printed for Commander, but it deserves a spot among those other planeswalkers. Tevesh Szat has two abilities that boost his loyalty, and that’s automatically a nice feature for a planeswalker.

The first ability provides protection by creating not one but two creatures; however, the highlight has to be his ultimate which allows you to take control of everyone’s commander, whether in-game or in the command zone. Your opponents will want to prevent Tevesh Szat from reaching ten loyalty as soon as they can.

8 Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord

Innistrad’s Sorin Markov has seen a few iterations on planeswalker cards. Bouncing between mono-black and aligned black/white, they all had a vampire theme, which makes sense, since he’s a vampire.

Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord fits perfectly into any Vampire deck and should be your number one choice. However, it only works well with vampires. If Sorin resolves on turn three, you can use his ultimate to put a vampire into play that costs a lot more than three and significantly impacts the board.

seven Liliana, General of the Dreadhorde

Six mana pushes it when it’s a playable planeswalker, but Liliana, Dreadhorde General has enough impact on the battlefield to earn a place in your deck. His static ability, in conjunction with his second activated ability, provides more value than other planeswalkers with the same cost.

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His ultimate is something your opponents should fear because they will have an uphill battle if you ever use it. During this time, you’ll be safe with all your permanents intact. She may not be the best Liliana, but she’s better than the other black planeswalkers.

6 Sorin the Joyless

If you ever miss Dark Confidant in Magic: The Gathering, then check out Sorin the Mirthless. His first ability offers you to draw cards similar to Dark Confidant. Losing life might not seem like a fun way to draw cards, but spawn a vampire token with lifelink and you’ll negate any damage you inflict on yourself.

Even if you don’t use his ultimate, Sorin generates a lot of value for the low cost of four mana. That’s a high cost for a card that has two abilities you can use as it resolves.

5 Liliana, Majesty of Death

If you’re playing a reviver deck, this is a card you want to have in your arsenal. Five mana is a bit steep when there are cheaper spells that do the same thing, but those spells don’t let you create creature tokens or also destroy a field of creatures.

Liliana, Majesty of Death has a massive impact on the board when it resolves. Do you have a Sheoldred, Whispering One or Griselbrand in your graveyard? Bring it back to life and watch your opponent shudder in fear. If you manage to keep Liliana in play long enough, you can destroy all the non-zombies polluting the battlefield.

4 Liliana, Rebellious Necromancer

Magic Origins introduced two-sided planeswalkers that start out as creatures and transform into planeswalkers once certain conditions are met. It was a way to show the story that led to the character becoming a planeswalker. Liliana was one of the best of the five, starting as a heretical healer and morphing into a rebellious necromancer.​​​​​​​

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If this card started with more loyalty counters, it would rank much higher. Unfortunately, it only starts with three counters, so you can’t bring anything too daunting. His ultimate, however, makes any creature a recurring threat.

3 Ob Nixilis revived

A demon becoming a planeswalker is a scary thought as they have their own agendas. Being able to travel through the blind eternities to bend others to your will isn’t the kind of power a demon should have, and Ob Nixilis is Exhibit A.

Ob Nixilis Reignited is a punchy card that can be easily overlooked, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. Drawing a card for the cost of a life point isn’t a big deal, and neither is destroying a creature. Even better is being able to deal damage to an opponent every time you draw a card.

2 Liliana, waker of the dead

Liliana, Waker of the Dead plays similar to Liliana of the Veil, making it the second best black planeswalker to be printed. Getting to four mana isn’t a terrible mana value to hit – if anything, it’s a fair cost. Plus, this Liliana and you can get everyone thrown. Check its loyalty and you can remove a creature from the field.

Waker of the Dead’s ultimate, however, is the real threat. It’s a ticking time bomb for your opponent, and if they don’t deal Liliana fast enough, they’ll have to deal with a past threat again.

1 Liliana of the veil

When you hear the name Liliana, chances are you think of this card. When he first came out on the first block of Innistrad, you probably had to check he was real. This card does a lot for three mana, which seems like a dangerous place for planeswalkers if history has taught us anything.

Luckily, Veil Liliana never lost control. She was a threat that needed to be dealt with immediately, however. At three mana, most players don’t have much to defend against, especially when his second ability removes a creature. This three mana necromancer will cost you a pretty penny these days.

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