“My little chef”: 3-year-old impresses everyone with his knowledge of spices and legumes

With the advent of fast food delivery and the rise of pre-cooked foods, more and more people are forgetting the names of spices and legumes found in grocery stores. But three-year-old Abir is not one of them.

A video shared by Sonika Bhasin, a media professional who shares content about her sustainable, low-emission lifestyle on social media, shows her son Abir easily naming different ingredients found in a grocery store.

In the short clip, Abir can be seen naming spices and legumes like bay leaf, cardamom and badi elaichi (Black cardamom). What’s even more interesting is that the young boy is also able to differentiate between similar-looking legumes. He casually names masoor daal, chana daal, toor daal and moong daal as his mother encourages him after he guesses the ingredients correctly.

Expressing his admiration for the little boy’s knowledge, one Instagram user commented, “The fact that he knows the difference between chana and toor daal is enough for me to give him a medal 👏❤️. Smartypants!!”.

Another person echoed the sentiment and wrote, “Such a cutie!! 😍He knows more lentils and masalas than I knew. I called them yellow and orange and black daal… 😂”.

The video, shot at Adrish (a zero waste chain store), has been viewed over 78,000 times and has over 500 comments.

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