NetEase’s new 5v5 mobile game is a blatant Valorant clone


Since Riot released its 5v5-based FPS shooter Valorant last year, the game has grown in popularity among PC gamers. The in-game ability-based agents bring a unique twist to the traditional tactical shooter style gameplay that has become popular with titles like CS: GO. It made all the difference for Riot and helped him gain a massive player base for Valorant. Now, a Chinese company has not only taken benchmarks, but also full characters and abilities from the Book of Valorant to develop a mobile clone of Riot’s flagship title. The offender here is NetEase and the game is called Project M.

Project M: a valiant clone?

Dubbed Project M, the new mobile title was recently announced by the company and the title’s beta testing period began earlier this week. It will last until August 6 (today) on the Google Play Store, but we don’t know which region it’s limited to.

Project M is essentially a mobile clone of Valorant. Although Riot has confirmed the future release of a mobile version of its FPS title, Project M shows what the game could look like on the mobile platform. This is because NetEase blatantly copied all the abilities of Valorant’s Agents and placed them in the various “heroes” of Project M. The developers also copied some of Valorant’s character designs and released them under different names. .

One recent video by YouTube channel GamingonPhone introduces the abilities of each character in Project M. So if you know some of the Valorant agents, you will be able to easily recognize the abilities of the heroes from Project M in the linked video.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the title name, namely Project M, also relates to the title of Riot. It is quite similar to the initial codename of Valorant – Project A. The developers at Riot used this name to refer to Valorant during its development phase in 2019.

So, as you can imagine, NetEase not only took inspiration from Valorant, but also created a clone of the game for the mobile platform. While there have been no repercussions so far, things could get spicy when Riot releases their Valorant mobile later.

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