NHL 22 ranks Connor McDavid # 1, new modes and roster sharing announced


A deep dive into NHL 22 details several new features, such as game modes and roster sharing, as well as Conner McDavid’s name as the game’s # 1 player.

A deep dive into NHL 22Be A Pro and Franchise modes give players a new take on the ice hockey simulator. The EA Sports series has had annual releases since its very first installment on the Sega Genesis in 1991. This year NHL 22 will introduce gameplay improvements such as improved stick physics, realistic facial expressions, and unique X-factor abilities for all players.

Using current generation technology and modern innovations, NHL 22 promises to be the most immersive episode in the hockey franchise to date. Player likeness, facial expressions, and eye movements have been dramatically improved, with facial capture technology used to achieve this goal. The augmented reality broadcast presentations will project relevant information onto the board during replays, giving players insight into player stats and abilities. X-Factor abilities give each player a specific force on the ice, which ranges from increased skating speed to better puck control. A 27 minutes NHL 22 A gameplay video was recently released to show all of these new features in action.

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New Electronic Arts blog post and EA SPORTS NHL YouTube video take a deep dive into NHL 22 features such as list sharing. NHL 22Be A Pro’s Be A Pro career mode returns from previous titles, and X-Factor abilities help improve progression in the multi-season hockey storyline. Each player archetype has a unique area ability, which must be acquired over multiple games, and then multiple Superstar abilities can be purchased with points. The variety of conversations within the Be A Pro storyline has also been increased, giving players more choice in how the story unfolds.

NHL 22 Also makes changes to Franchise Mode, such as the addition of the Seattle Krakens team which started competing in 2021. Players can use any of the 32 teams currently in the Nation Hockey League, or they can create their own personalized 33rd professional team. A highly requested roster sharing feature will allow players to upload a custom roster to NHL 22 and import it in Franchise mode. List sharing will be added to the game after launch, with a suggested launch for December. Electronic Arts also revealed that Connor McDavid, captain of the Edmonton Oilers NHL team, was ranked No.1 by the game’s ranking system.

In addition to X-Factor abilities and roster sharing, puck movement in NHL 22 has been greatly improved over the predecessors of the hockey title. Several new passing and puck possession systems have been implemented, with the player’s speed and momentum affecting how far the puck can be hit. Passing outside of the shooter’s field of vision will also result in less assist with the pass, reflecting the blurred line of sight and increasing immersion when handling the puck.

With a number of tweaks and improvements over its predecessor, NHL 22 promises to be a big step forward for ice hockey games. The new X-Factor capacity system will have a big impact on NHL 22Be a Pro and Franchise modes, ensuring that each player’s experience is a little different. List sharing has long been requested by fans of the franchise, so this feature will certainly be gratefully accepted as well. Fans of ice hockey and sports games will certainly appreciate the new features introduced in NHL 22.

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NHL 22 releases October 15 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

Source: Electronic Arts (1, 2), EA SPORTS NHL / YouTube

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