NTDC board accused of violating petty governance


LAHORE: The board of directors of the National Transmission & Despatch Company (NTDC) has been charged with interfering in the day-to-day business of the transport company, which was in violation of its mandate, it was learned Thursday.

The latest example in this regard was the issuance of an order to assign additional charges for the post of Director General of Human Resources to a subordinate official. It is alleged that the order issued in this regard on Thursday was also in pure violation of the relevant rules and regulations.

The notification issued by the secretary of the NTDC company for the allocation of an additional office to Dr Naveed Ahmad Faraz, deputy director (career management) was also contrary to the clear direction of the federal government in this regard. It is unfortunate that the board of directors has taken over the power to run the day-to-day business of the company, while flouting the basic rules and regulations of running a public sector company, sources observed.

In accordance with the notification issued by the secretary of the company, the board of directors, at its 205th meeting held on September 22, 2021 against the additional agenda item n ° 2, decided and unanimously approved to assign the duty of care of the post of Director General (HR) to Dr Faraz, on a purely temporary basis with immediate effect until further notice in addition to his own duties.

However, according to sources, Dr Faraz, a grade 18 officer, was given an additional charge for the grade 20 post. According to the hierarchy, the deputy director, the director, the director general and then the director general were aligned in order of seniority.

It is simply incomprehensible how Naveed Ismail, Chairman (CA) and other senior members of the board of directors approved such an imperfect order to interfere in the functioning of the company and that too in another violation of giving additional costs to the youngest official.

It is further alleged that the beneficiary in this example has already underestimated a previous promotion in several stages compared to the rules and regulations concerned.

Interestingly, last week the general manager of NTDC issued an order for the brutal dismissal of the general manager and human resources. The former chief executive was asked to take office and given the only option to step down, otherwise he would be fired, leaving an unpleasant trail of poor governance in the company. Sources said the order to award additional fees to this vacant post could be issued by MD, NTDC, in accordance with the relevant rules.

Sources said the subsequent decisions regarding the human resources department left a bad taste among employees in general and senior managers in particular, who were inadvertently replaced.

Last but not least, sources pointed out that the NTDC board of directors assumed the power to manage certain day-to-day affairs when senior management was not hired on a permanent basis. Now, with the appointment of a professional managing director after following due process, NTDC’s board should immediately relinquish the power to deal with relatively minor issues and focus only on its main task of dealing with policy matters and reviewing the progress of the company.

When contacted, an NTDC official who asked not to be named said there had been no violation of the rules by assigning additional fees to a vacant post. The post of Director General of Human Resources was based on selection and not on seniority. The recruitment of this post was already underway and accelerated.

However, as a purely palliative, said portfolio was entrusted to an officer, holder of a foreign doctorate and experience in career management.

Nevertheless, against specific queries regarding the breach in the business of the company by the CA in violation of its mandate and others were not answered by the official. Naveed Ismail, chairman (BoD) also did not deny any statement sent to him for comment.

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