One Piece Theory reveals Marijoa’s treasure and Doffy’s purpose

One Piece’s world government is hiding something big – and a fan theory may have pieced together what it is.

With a world as vast and complex as A playThere’s tons of fire-fueling mysteries that are fan theories. Sites like YouTube and Reddit are full of these theories and mountains of evidence to apparently back them up. One of the main theories circulating is what could be the national treasure of Marijoa.

YouTuber Joy_Boy Theories is one of many A play theoretical chains and in November 2016 they made a video about what they believe to be the national treasure of the world government. According to them, the world government has a tree that produces devil fruit. It would explain how so many Navy admirals have such powerful abilities. There is a tree hidden in Marijoa that produces devil fruit which is then distributed to those who are loyal to the powers that be. Since the nobles of the world wouldn’t know what the abilities of these fruits are when they are first created, they test them on slaves before killing them to retrieve Devil Fruit.

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There is a downside to this theory in that when a Devil Fruit user is killed, the fruit they ate does not reappear on the tree it came from, but instead appears in a nearby fruit. This means that if a Devil Fruit user dies in Marijoa, the World Nobles cannot get it back unless someone who works for them finds it first. This explains why hackers and other people were able to find the fruits and have their own powers.

Returning during the Dressrossa Arc, Donquixote Doflamingo explained to Trafalgar Law that he was looking to steal his Devil Fruit powers specifically for the Operation Immortality and Personality Change Surgery abilities that the Fruit Op-Op possesses. With these powers, Doflamingo would be able to infiltrate the world government and take over the national treasure, becoming an unstoppable force that could take over the world. Joy_Boy theorizes that with the ability to change personality, it would be easier to sneak into Marijoa without too much hindsight, as he could simply implant his personality or that of someone who works for him into a person in the world government.

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His original plan was to have Corazón eat the devil fruit of the law and use the Operation Immortality on Doflamingo. This would have killed Corazón, as the user dies using that specific ability, but Doflamingo would have become immortal. The theory then states that with this new immortality, Doflamingo would enter the area with the Devil Fruit Tree after changing his personality, and then eat whatever Devil Fruit is available. Because normally it is not possible for someone to eat and use more than one devil fruit – with the notable exception of Blackbeard – it is believed that undergoing the operation for immortality, Doflamingo would then be able to acquire the powers of several devil fruits.

There are other theories about what the national treasure is. It could even be Uranus’ ancient weapon. So far there has been little or no information on what Uranus is or where it might be located, but given the power of ancient weapons, it would make sense for the World Government to lock up one. if he finds it. . Shirahoshi the Mermaid embodies the weapon of Poseidon, as she has the ability to speak to the Sea Kings, so it is also possible that Uranus is a living being. If Doflamingo were to infiltrate the world government and take control of this weapon, he would indeed be able to take over the world.

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