Orangeburg Hires Company to Help Enforce Building Code and Ordinances | Local


Kalu asked about the city’s spending to outsource the business.

“How do we get back what we spend? Said Kalou.

Everning said enforcement of the code will make the city more attractive to investors and businesses, which will increase the tax base.

Kalu asked if the city would support buildings that do not comply with the code.

Everning said the city would condemn them or demolish them if they were abandoned. He said the city would follow proper legal procedures before proceeding with any convictions or demolitions.

Orangeburg Mayor Michael Butler said: “We are implementing what we have in place.”

“We put these rules and ordinances in place with respect to dilapidated properties,” Butler said. “I think the owner should be held responsible for his properties.”

“There are people who are not able (to improve the property). We will not be indifferent to that,” Butler continued. “There are people, especially downtown, they have these buildings but they live in New York, they live in Florida. They are quite capable of coming back and upgrading these buildings or selling them.”

“We can’t afford to continue allowing our city to sit like this and we’re not doing anything,” Butler said, noting that the city’s code enforcement department is currently understaffed with two officers from code enforcement for the whole city.

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