Pixar Theory Reveals Incredible Hero Who Made His Monsters, Inc Debut

A major member of The Incredibles might have debuted in an earlier Pixar movie in a surprisingly big role.

Pixar films tend to be singular in their focus and story, largely avoiding crossovers except for some hidden easter eggs and references, but there are still some interesting fan theories that theoretically expand the films and connect them in surprising – and engaging – ways. For example, a fan theory linking Monsters Inc. for The Incredibles through a single shared character – Violet Parr – is an interesting concept that takes the events of the first film and uses it to highlight some of the personal issues that still plague the character through the events of the latter.

Boo is one of the central characters in Monsters Inc. and the main plot driver of the film. A human who accidentally escapes into the Monster World, Boo is taken in by Sulley and Mike as they try to find a way to get her home. Boo is naturally not her real name and is just the indicator that Mike and Sulley choose for the human girl.

A theory of Reddit user Ozzerton suggests that Boo’s real name is Violet, and Monsters Inc. takes place years before the events of The Incredibles, which features the now-teenaged “Boo” as the titular family member. It wouldn’t be the first time Pixar films have been connected, with things like the Pizza Planet delivery car appearing in many films in some capacity.

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Sully and Boo say goodbye in the movie Monsters, Inc.

In The Incrediblesinfants are shown developing powers, as with Jack-Jack in the film and Violet in the film’s unused alternate opening, but as shown in The Incredibles, Violet in particular has trouble controlling her abilities under duress or under stress. Without any real control over her abilities, “Boo” would be largely at the mercy of Mike and Sulley to keep her out of the hands of Randall, her personal monster.

In fact, Randall and Violet share a power: the ability to become more or less invisible; although, with Violet, it’s literal, while Randall simply has a natural camouflage ability which he uses to good effect. Randall targeting Violet with the same powers she was developing might give her a natural distrust of her abilities, explaining why she is the most outspoken critic of the Parr family’s status as Supers.

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Besides sharing a similar hair color, Violet’s ability to turn invisible could explain Boo’s speed and skill at games like Hide and Seek and would add yet another reason why she proves so difficult to master. Notably, the times when her powers could theoretically activate — like her force fields protecting her from falls or during her games with Sulley — are when she’s happiest, as opposed to the fear she has around Randall. . It would work with Violet’s confidence and the emotional aspect of her powers in The Incredibleswith his force fields and invisibility only under control after having a conversation with his mother and gaining a stronger sense of calm and self.

The young Violet might even associate the tall, bulky but soft-hearted Sulley with her father, who shares all three of these traits – and explain her quick confidence in him. While their eye colors don’t match, it’s possible that Violet’s eye color has changed over time or she’s wearing contacts that create a different eye color. It’s a possible and fun connection that further ties the Pixar films together in an interesting and thematic way.

Monsters Inc. existing in the same world as The Incredibles could explain some of the psychological similarities between Boo and Violet, and show how she may have overcome her outer fears as a child, but was still haunted by inner concerns well into her teens. It’s an unlikely but fun theory, and a way to bond Monsters Inc. straight to another of the franchise’s greatest series.

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