PM Modi at Manipur campaign rally

Ahead of the Manipur Assembly elections, Prime Minister – Narendra Modi visited the northeastern state and urged young people and new voters to actively participate in the voting process, voting for the administration of the “dual engine” in order to ensure the overall growth of the state. .

Addressing a rally at the Luwangsangbam Sports Complex in Imphal, Prime Minister Modi told the cheering crowd that “During the decades of Congress rule, Manipur has seen nothing but inequality and unbalanced development. But over the past five years, BJP’s Double Engine Sarkar has made sincere efforts for the development of Manipur.

Prime Minister Modi spoke about the turmoil the people of Manipur faced under previous governments and how the Double Engine Sarkar turned the state into a people’s government.

Citing that Manipur is becoming the gateway for trade with the rest of East Asia and the northeastern state is now connected to India by railways. The Prime Minister said: “The day is not far off when the train will come to Imphal, you will be connected to the whole country by rail. This connectivity will also boost the tourism sector here.

“Connectivity is not limited to rail but also to highways, highlighting that more than 40 projects have been launched to improve road infrastructure. Also, our government is building a museum in the name of Rani Gaidinliu in Manipur. – he mentioned.

He reaffirmed that connectivity is not limited to rail but also to highways, pointing out that more than 40 projects have been undertaken to improve road infrastructure. “Additionally, our government is building a museum in the name of Rani Gaidinliu in Manipur,” he added.

Lashing out at the opposition, Prime Minister Modi remarked, “The Congress government has made ‘bandh’ and blockade the fate of Manipur. The Congress party could never understand the feelings of the people in the Northeast, the problems of the people here.

Prime Minister Modi also reiterated that “Even in this Corona crisis, the BJP government is providing free ration to 22 lakh people of Manipur. That is to say, out of 10 people in Manipur, 7 people get the free ration service.

He also mentioned how Congress leaders on several occasions mocked the culture and dress of people in the North East and Manipur.

“Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, more than 60,000 houses are being built in Manipur. Most of it is owned by women. Our government has connected over 1.25 lakh homes in the state with power connections. It was our government that gave 1.5 lakh of free LPG connections to mothers and sisters in Manipur under the Ujjwala scheme. – Added mod.

Speaking about Manipur’s contribution to sport in India, Prime Minister Modi said, “Manipur is the land of charismatic players like Mary Kom and Mirabai Chanu. The country’s first sports university, located in Manipur, will make this region an international sports hub.

He also sensitized people about the various programs that the BJP government is implementing to develop Manipur holistically. “The farmers of Manipur will benefit from the Mission Oil Palm launched by our government. BJP promotes bamboo growers, bamboo industry and MSMEs here. It was our government that changed the rules for bamboo. – said the Prime Minister.

It should be noted that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced the timing of the upcoming Assembly polls in 5 states – Manipur, Goa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Incorporating an assembly of 60 member states, the polls in the northeastern state of Manipur will take place in two phases – on February 28 and March 5.

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