Pokémon Fanart combines Alakazam with Doctor Strange

Pokémon fan introduces Alakazam as Doctor Strange Mysticism in inspired artwork and asks for suggestions for future Marvel mashups.

A Pokemon fan reinvented Alakazam as the MCU version of Doctor strange with awesome fanart – a comparison that surprisingly suits the shriveled Psychic type. Nintendo’s long-running JRPG and collectible monster series has seen many fan-made crossovers over the years, with players considering Metroid bosses as evolutionary stages and trying to figure out which Pokemon the cast of Harry potter would have in their teams. This rings true for the equally successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, as evidenced by mashups from existing fans who have mixed up Pokemon with WandaVision.

Alakazam was part of the Pokemon franchise from the very beginning, having been introduced in the original first generation of Red and Blue Pokémon on the Nintendo Game Boy in 1998. Alakazam is well known for his powerful psychic attacks and teleportation abilities, which makes him a fan favorite pocket monster for many. As a final step in Abra’s evolutionary line, players can obtain Alakazam after trading a Kadabra – although the official Pokemon The collectible card game has often skipped this side step due to a long-standing controversy with famous illusionist Uri Geller which has led to a long ban on using Kadabra in the game. Pokemon TCG.


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Reddit user jaibrooklyn’s awesome Alakazam fanart dressed as the MCU version of Doctor Strange wowed the Pokemon subreddit with its clever hybrid of the two characters. The fan image depicts Alakazam emerging from one of Strange’s iconic portals, soaring through the air and preparing to spell a rival Pokémon. jaibrooklyn asked other fans what genre of Marvel /Pokemon mashup that they’d love to see next, with some of the best suggestions including Machamp as Hulk, Caterpie as Spider-Man, and even Shapeshifter Ditto as Loki. jaibrooklyn noted that they were considering putting Mewtwo or Gensect as Iron Man and considered the idea of ​​making Scizor the role of Deadpool.

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Dr. Strange is a suitable choice for teaming up with a powerful Psychic-type Pokémon like Alakazam. While the Pokémon-type mind-altering abilities aren’t considered true magic like the one Strange regularly uses in the MCU, they’re quite similar in how they use illusions and telekinesis-like attacks to repel them. enemies. In fact, Abra’s evolutionary line was named after the famous wizards who inspired Doctor Strange – with Alakazam in particular referring to the catchphrase of the great Harry Houdini. The Sorcerer Supreme is enjoying a new wave of popularity among MCU fans thanks to the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch in the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home, and his main role in the next Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Fans of Pokemon have been imagining crosses with other properties for as long as the franchise has existed. The series is home to over 900 different races, ensuring that there will be at least one Pokemon that matches the powers and personality of a different character. For Doctor strange, that appears to be Alakazam, as seen in the Psychic’s awesome jaibrooklyn fanart Pokemon like the Sorcerer Supreme.

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Source: jaibrooklyn / Reddit

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