Pokemon Unite allows dead players to complete their abilities and people want this fixed


Pokemon Unite can sometimes let abilities finish dealing their damage even after the player who used it dies, and people want a little more consistency or a fix.

Battles in any MOBA can be decided with split second decision making that can leave winning players with almost no health left over. This is why a weird bug in Pokémon Unite can become very costly for a team that wins a skirmish.

Moves like Greninja’s Water Shuriken have been seen attacking and finishing off players, even though the Pokémon that thrown has already fallen in battle.

Clips like that of Reddit user ‘Nopenoperdienope’ show how the winner of a fight is not always immune to those he has just conquered.

I really wish the moves would stop after defeating an enemy Pokemon from PokemonUnite

“I would really like the movements to stop after defeating an enemy Pokémon,” they said. The video shows Nopenoperdienope’s Garchomp with around half of the HP remaining at the time of Greninja’s death, but they were removed anyway.

Two full volleys of the Water Shuriken managed to be thrown, which was enough for Greninja to take revenge without being alive.

If this was a bug in its own right, then it’s something Timi Studios should fix to prevent games from derailing.

If this is a feature, however, consistency would be appreciated from the Pokémon Unite community.

Timi Studio

Greninja’s Water Shuriken can sometimes deal damage after passing out.

“Like, where do these shuriken come from?” one user said. “I feel like there are other movements that should kick in after death but don’t.”

“As the principal of Gardevoir, I feel cheated now because if I die in the midst of a psychological shock, the remaining hits don’t go off,” said another.

Pokémon Unite is still in its early stages, so the developers could make some adjustments to make something like this a good game mechanic.

But if the game doesn’t go that way, the developers of Pokémon Unite could look into the issue in the future.

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