Prayagraj: Every Prayagraj Ghat Will Soon Have All Amenities | Allahabad News

Prayagraj: Here is some good news for pilgrims and devotees who come to visit 14 prominent ‘Teerthraj Prayargaj’ ghats to offer prayers and perform rituals.
The district authorities have drawn up a plan to provide all kinds of facilities in terms of sanitation, lighting, signage and barricades at each ghat and assigning tasks to various government departments for its maintenance.
Divisional Commissioner (Prayagraj Division) Sanjay Goyal held a meeting on Tuesday with officials from different government departments to ensure safety, security and proper services at each ghat in Sangam town.
Goyal said, “There are altogether 14 ghats including 7 pakka ghats and 7 kaccha ghats in the city.” Additionally, the seven pakka ghats would have facilities such as signs for changing rooms, restrooms, and barricades. The ghats would also have signs displaying details of employees assigned to duties on the ghats along with notices issued by the state government. Suggestions have also poured in to conduct barricades across a floating pier near the pakka ghats.
Also, cleaning of each kaccha ghat would be done daily, along with signaling facilities, proper lighting arrangements and barricades. The Commissioner requested the District Magistrate (Prayagraj) to obtain the necessary funds from the zila panchayat for various works at the kaccha ghats. Additionally, to ensure the safety and security of devotees and pilgrims, duties of tax and police department officials would also be assigned.

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