Prove your holiday knowledge with the 12 Christmas trivia quiz

Each year, Spin Control leaves politics behind to give readers something a little lighter to discuss – especially, who knows more about Christmas trivia as they gather around the tree, sing along carols and sip eggnog. After they’ve been properly vaccinated and boosted, or at least they’ve had a recent negative COVID-19 test, of course. Here’s the omicron version of the 12 Annual Christmas Anecdotes, with answers and endnotes:

1. In the movie “Elf”, where does Buddy get his name from?

A. It was in his cradle at the orphanage.

B. Papa Elf gave it to him.

C. Santa Claus gave it to him.

D. It was on the label of his diaper.

2. Who played Susan, the daughter of the Macy’s manager, in the original “Miracle on 34th Street”?

A. Judy Garland

B. Natalie Wood

C. Shirley Temple

D. Margaret O’Brien

3. In “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, where will the singer be waiting?

A. Under the mistletoe

B. Near the tree

C. Near the bottom

D. By the fireside

4. Holly is a staple of holiday decorations dating back to the Scandinavians. What did they think the green leafy plant with red berries would do?

A. Bring good harvests next year

B. Increase fertility

C. Cast out evil spirits

D. Nothing special; they just liked that it had red and green Christmas colors.

5. Bing Crosby first performed “White Christmas” in public over Christmas in which year?

A. 1938

B. 1939

Around 1940

D. 1941

6. Saint Nicholas, the original Santa Claus, is understandably the patron saint of children, but he was so popular that he became the patron saint of other groups including:

A. Soldiers

B. Sailors

C. Handymen

D. Tailors

7. During World War I, British and German soldiers on the Western Front called for an unofficial truce, stopped fighting and even sang Christmas carols and shared their rations, by:

A. 1914

N. 1915

Around 1916

D. 1917

8. In “It’s a Wonderful Life”, how much money does George Bailey need to find or borrow to save the building and the loan?

A. $ 800

B. $ 8,000

C. $ 80,000

D. $ 800,000

9. Katie Hnida made history at Christmas 2002 as the first woman to:

A. Play in a Division I college football game

B. Star as Scrooge in a Broadway production of “Christmas Carol”

C. Refereeing an NHL Game

D. Make the color comment for a set of Zags

10. The Massachusetts Puritans in the 1600s did not celebrate Christmas because:

A. The Bible does not say that Jesus was born on December 25.

B. They celebrated Saint Nicholas on December 6 like the Dutch.

C. They opposed the celebrations that were common in Europe because they distracted attention from the religious sense.

D. The winters were so cold they wanted everyone to stay indoors to stay healthy.

11. Some conservative church groups have opposed the inclusion of which holiday character in Leavenworth’s “Village of Lights” parade this year?

A. Santa Claus, because the letters can be rearranged to spell Satan.

B. The Grinch, because they believe Dr. Seuss has hidden anti-American messages in his books.

C. Ebenezer Scrooge, because his character thinks badly about capitalism.

D. Krampus, a character from Eastern Europe who punishes bad children, because of demonic influences.

12. Chestnuts are a treat mentioned in “The Christmas Song” and what other popular holiday song?

A. “Jingle Bell Rock”

B. “Rockin ‘Around the Christmas Tree”

C. “sleigh ride”

D. “I’ll be home for Christmas”


1. D. The label on her diapers read “Little Buddy’s”.

2. B. All the other child stars would have been too old for the role in 1947.

3. A. The tree, fireplace and stockings are mentioned during the song, but the mistletoe is where the singer will wait.

4. C. Holly, which stayed green in winter, was believed to repel evil spirits.

5. D. The song was written for the “Holiday Inn,” which premiered in 1942, but Crosby performed it on his radio show in 1941, and it became a big hit when the movie was released there. ‘Next year.

6. B. He is the patron saint of seafarers, which is a bit strange as Italian sailors allegedly stole his bones from their original resting place in what is now Turkey in 1087 and brought them to Italy.

7. A. It happened in the first year of the war, and the generals made sure that it never happened again.

8. C. Uncle Billy was supposed to deposit $ 8,000 – which was a lot of money in 1947 – in the bank but mistakenly gave it to Mr. Potter wrapped in a newspaper.

9. A. A place-kicker for the University of New Mexico at the Las Vegas Bowl, Hnida came in to hit a PAT but missed.

She did two the following year.

10. C. Christmas celebrations were a boisterous business in the 1600s, and the Puritans were so opposed that they punished those who celebrated on that day.

11. D. The Leavenworth Chamber invited Krampus Seattle, a group who had attended the previous celebrations alone, and who found themselves embroiled in controversy over other changes.

12. C. While not in the popular cover version of Ronettes, they are in the second verse of the original and most other versions, at Farmer Gray’s party.


0-3 You could be Scrooge before Marley’s ghost appeared.

4-6 You could be Charlie Brown sitting in Lucy’s chair.

7-9 You could be the Grinch after his heart reaches three sizes.

11-12 You could be Linus explaining the meaning of Christmas on stage.

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