Quincy’s Strongest Bleach Abilities

A decade ago, Bleach was one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world. Its story is mediocre at best, but it has cool characters, an interesting power system, and a surprising amount of action. The series primarily focuses on conflicts between spirit beings, like Soul Reapers and Hollows, but the final arc reintroduced the Quincy, who went to war with the Soul Reapers.

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The anime ended before the manga, and many fans thought they would never see the final arc in anime form. Luckily, the series is back and it looks better than ever thanks to Pierrot studio’s updated animation style. The Quincy in this arc all have a unique power, but some abilities are way more powerful than others.

10/10 Giselle can use her blood to take control of others with “The Zombie”

There will be a lot of fighting during the Thousand Year Blood War arc, and there will be a lot of blood, which is exactly what Giselle wants. His ability is called The Zombie and allows him to take control of people.

This ability takes effect when his blood splashes on his opponents. It’s true that it forces her to hurt herself, but she has a special healing factor to even things out. She can use this power on other Quincy as long as they are already dead, and she must use greater amounts of blood to take control of stronger individuals.

9/10 Bambietta can turn anything into a bomb with “The Explode”

Many Bleach fans are excited to see the Sternritter invasion of Soul Society, and Bambietta will be particularly difficult for many Soul Reapers to deal with. His power is called The Explode and allows him to create bombs that cannot be blocked.

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She doesn’t create these bombs with spirit particles. Instead, they are created when spirit particles come into contact with a surface or object. With this ability, she can create powerful explosions in all directions without having to target anyone. If a Soul Reaper tries to stop their bombs with their Zanpakuto, the Zanpakuto will become a bomb.

8/10 Nianzol makes solid attacks useless with “The Wind”

One of the best things about Bleach is the fact that its combat system continues to evolve. That being said, most fights still revolve around swords, which makes Nianzol’s ability very useful. It’s called The Wind and allows it to deflect solid attacks before they can connect.

If one or more people attacked Nianzol at once with swords, the swords would all turn away from him. He doesn’t even need to see the attack for the ability to activate. Even better, he can use this power to shield others from attacks.

7/10 Pepe turns love into a weapon with “The Love”

PePe Waccabrada may not look intimidating, but he has a pretty effective ability. It is called The Love and allows him to fire a unique heart-shaped projectile at his enemies. When the target is hit, they become enamored with him to the point that they will do anything he asks.

He can force his targets to attack their own comrades, and he can even take control of a Shinigami’s Zanpakuto. This power is strong enough to replace Giselle The Zombie’s ability, but he can’t use it on items that don’t have a heart.

6/10 As Nodt controls fear with “The Fear”

Fans got to see a lot of exciting things in the trailers for the Thousand Year Blood War arc, including the fight between Byakuya Kuchiki and As Nodt. This terrifying Quincy shoots thorns instead of arrows, and he uses them in conjunction with his power, The Fear.

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When As Nodt strikes someone with these thorns, they are struck with boundless fear, causing them to lose control of all rational thought while seeing images of their deepest fears. This fear is strong enough to stop a person’s heart. When As Nodt activates his Vollstandig, this ability activates as soon as his opponent sees it.

5/10 Lille can punch through anything with perfect precision with ‘The X-Axis’

Lille is the leader of the Schutzstaffel, Yhwach’s personal guards, and when it comes to ranged attacks, no one is his equal. His ability is called the X Axis, and with it he can punch through anything in his line of sight. He can also do it with perfect precision.

No defense can block his attacks, and if he opens both eyes during combat, his body can pierce through enemy attacks. This means that they pass through his body safely. When he activates his Vollstandig, he can fire multiple shots at once and he becomes virtually untouchable.

4/10 Haschwalth turns bad luck into a weapon with “The Balance”

Haschwalth is Yhwach’s second-in-command, so it’s understandable that he has a powerful ability. His name is The Balance, and with him he can take whatever misfortune happens around him and give it to those who know good fortune.

This ability is very effective during battle, as every attack that succeeds in hitting Haschwalth is an example of bad luck for him and good luck for his enemy. Haschwalth can reflect his opponent’s luck at full strength, and he can absorb his own bad luck to deal more damage to his opponent.

3/10 Uryu can reverse all damage with “Antithesis”

Uryu has been Ichigo’s ally from the start, which is why many fans were shocked to see him alongside Yhwach. He was a member of the Schutzstaffel and Yhwach chose him to be his future successor. That’s why he received the ability Antithesis

Uryu has a number of abilities that he rarely uses, but Antithesis is the type of power that should be used at every opportunity. He can choose two targets and completely reverse whatever happened between them. Essentially, Uryu can willingly take lethal damage and transfer it all to his enemy at the last second to instantly win the fight.

2/10 Gremmy Can Turn Imagination Into Reality With ‘The Visionary’

Gremmy may look like a child, but he has one of the most powerful abilities in all of anime. It’s called The Visionary and it literally lets her turn fantasy into reality. If he imagines that his opponent’s blood is sour, it will happen. If he hurts himself, he can heal himself by imagining that the wound has been healed.

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He can create clones of himself with this power, and clones can also use the same power. He must be careful though, as he may accidentally die if he imagines his own death.

1/10 Yhwach controls the future with “The Almighty”

Yhwach is the father of all Quincy, and he is the son of the Soul King, a true god. His power is immense and he has a number of strong and useful abilities, but none of them are as powerful as the Almighty. He can use this power to see all possible futures at once, and he can then alter a specific future to fit the desired outcome.

If he knows how a power works, he can make an ally of it, and he can never hurt it. If that wasn’t enough, he can consume others by touching them. In doing so, he absorbs their powers and energy and makes them his own.

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