Register now for “Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Women’s Health” on December 14, a virtual show of Smart Design and Core77

Core77 is thrilled to partner with Smart Design on a panel in their Smart Salon series titled Bridging the knowledge gap on women’s health, a conversation about the roles of designers in creating greater health equity in the medical field. The conversation will take place December 14 at 5 p.m. EST, and you can register now to attend.

By delving deep into the history of women’s health, it becomes clear that systems in the medical field were not created for the best interests of women. As Dr. Janine Austin Clayton of the US National Institutes of Health said, “We know literally less about all aspects of female biology compared to male biology.” Products like the speculum and hormone-centric contraception have seen little or no innovation until recent decades, and research into women’s health data is in comparative deficit due to a lack of history of female representation in clinical trials. With that in mind, how can designing better experiences play a role in creating solutions that meet women’s healthcare wants and needs?

Join Jamie Munger, Strategy Director at Smart Design, and Allison Fonder from Core77 as they welcome Maria Lalli from Ceek, Alyssa Meza from Upstream USA and Colleen Newland from Philips for a smart virtual trade fair on how design can fill the knowledge gap on women’s health.

We will discuss issues such as

– What are the medical realities of women’s health today?

– What are the immediate design challenges and opportunities, and how can designers help?

– What are the exciting technological arenas that seem promising to improve the knowledge gap on women’s health?

– All genres combined, how can we get designers to get involved more personally in this dilemma?

“Bridging the Knowledge Gap on Women’s Health”, hosted by Smart Design and Core77

Tuesday, December 14 5 p.m. EST via Zoom

Register now to attend “Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Women’s Health”

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