Respawn develops a “new solo adventure” in a “unique universe”


We know Respawn has a few plans that have been brewing for a while now, including one new IP not based on Titanfall or Jedi: Fallen Order, but thanks to a new job posting we have new details. According to Creative Director Mohammad Alavi, Respawn is working on a “whole new solo adventure” set in a “unique universe”.

Respawn’s new job postings include positions for technical game designers, a senior combat designer, and a senior level designer. As you can imagine, the ads don’t give much, but give a few vague ideas of what to expect.

“This new solo title is a designer’s dream playground with a freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe he inhabits,” indicates each job posting.

The Combat Designer role tells applicants that they will be working on aspects such as “AI creation, weapons, abilities, player movement model, combat encounters, and progression.” Player progression is probably the most interesting point here, and may point to some sort of role-playing element, or at least the opportunity to improve your character’s combat or character abilities as you go. measure.

The Combat Designer will also work on creating mechanics that “create thoughtful combat encounters that reward strategic decision making at every moment, creative improvisation, and player behaviors that are a joy to perform.”

Combat is also described as extending “beyond low-key ‘combat’ to include how you approach it, initiate it, and how you recover, regroup, and grow afterward. This suggests that Respawn’s new game will have peaks and valleys in its action where players can take a moment to breathe and continue strategizing.

The Senior Technical Designer position is drier, but candidates “will bring weapons, progression, abilities, mechanics, toys and world systems to life.” It is not known whether “toys” refers to real world props or game mechanics.

A senior systems designer The post for the same “single-player incubation” project also describes a responsibility as “developing game systems with an emphasis on longer-term loops and player motivation,” suggesting that the pace of play. Respawn’s new game won’t be so focused on timeout. -kill like a first person shooter can be.

It’s also worth noting that Creative Director Mohammad Alavi was previously a designer behind Call of Duty’s critically acclaimed Crew Expendable, All Ghillied Up, and No Russian missions. This doesn’t necessarily indicate any aspect of his current project, but it does show that Alavi has extensive experience in the field of action / first-person shooter games.

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