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“4Retirees helps people get the most out of their retirement”

The 4Retirees online community mentoring program is very successful in helping people make the most of their retirement years.

Today’s retirees are a far cry from the stereotypical view of retirees dozing peacefully in front of the television programs of the day. Instead, modern retirees are now of all ages, and the majority are not retiring from life but reorienting the way they use their time and energy. The 4Retirees global online community has been set up to help connect them and their new mentoring program is very successful.

The main goal of 4Retirees is to find fun, fulfilling and profitable retirement plans. Founder Magdalena Kusyk is passionate about supporting the global movement to promote the inclusion of retirees in a changing digital, social and economic world. She says, “Our goal is to help retirees keep pace with this booming world and this in part gives them the options and opportunities to develop with new hobbies and talents. Many retirees are overwhelmed by the choices they have these days and this is where they look for mentors, support groups and communities like ours to give them direction and support. Our contemporary community is showing them what to learn and how to learn, where to win and how to participate in what is shaping up to be a very different world from the one retirees were born into ”.

Individual sessions to help retireesOne initiative that is proving popular is the mentoring membership of 4Retirees. One-on-one sessions to help retirees ‘drop out’ by helping them turn their skills and interests into lucrative and lucrative pursuits to enrich their retirement, both emotionally and financially. Practical advice on how to develop a business plan if you are interested in starting a new business, helping you uncover existing skills and passions that you can turn into a profitable hobby. Mentoring sessions help retirees motivate themselves and explore existing or new hobbies, focusing on individual progress and defining the member’s goal and action plan to turn their project into reality. Success stories range from a trader in Australia to an avid gardener in England, all finding new life in their skills, experience and knowledge.

4Retirees also has a strong global partnership of databases of guaranteed profitable projects adapted to the lifestyle of retirees. A short assessment of 14 questions is used to understand the current personal and economic situation of older people and produce a personalized list of relevant opportunities. The list will describe the projects suitable for individual situations and contain all the necessary information, such as the conditions of participation, how to start and how much can be won for each individual project, and the list of projects is updated weekly. A happy retiree said: “I really love my new project. I highly recommend taking the online assessment and asking people in the community for help.

For those who have already started a project, the 4Retiree community can provide abundant support and guidance to grow. In addition to access to the expertise of mentors, there is also the support and encouragement of other members. As one retiree explains, “What I really liked about the website was the real support from the community. I met some nice colleagues and got the support of a mentor for my marketing growth plan for my existing business. What a great group of people! They also have very good partnerships, which have opened many doors for me ”.

For those who lack ideas, 4Retirees can also help. A session with the mentors can open avenues for using skills and resources that retirees never dreamed could be profitable or within their reach. A happy member of the US community described his experience this way – “I booked a call with a mentor to help me out, to guide me through my options, I wanted to have a small project because I have a lot of free time, however, i was a bit stuck not sure where to start. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of options and opportunities I received! My mentor helped me with develop my personalized project plan I highly recommend making an appointment with a mentor, who can explain the possibilities to you and what you can do in person.

Online courses are also available on a variety of subjects. Many are practical and aim to demystify the Internet and access its vast resources. Other courses focus on modern practical skills that you can learn to expand your opportunities for more profitable leisure and retirement plans. Accessible to the entire global community, many courses also lead to certification.

4Retirees was established in 2018 to help Australian retirees focus on and enjoy their passions and hobbies in a flexible and pressure-free way. His accomplishments have allowed him to expand globally and the groundbreaking mentorship program is his latest achievement.

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