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You must be asking yourself a question: do I feel funky? Well, right, punk?

The addition to the new subgenre of Rhythm FPS is BPM: balls per minute, a thrilling – but often punishing – roguelike that makes you time your shots to the beat of its heavy soundtrack. Originally released on PC, this title has now been ported to consoles for some hellish action.

If you’ve ever wanted to mix Doom’s standard formula, you’ve found your perfect match with BPM, which cuts it down to its basics, then throws it all into a randomizer. And by everything, I mean everything. While the objective is to clean up every room in the dungeon and defeat everyone’s main boss, everything else – the rooms, the enemies, their drops, the number of ways to get potential abilities, equipment and statistics boots are all completely random.

This makes every game different – as you’ll rarely see the same upgrades and abilities in back-to-back games – and forces you to tailor your plan of attack based on the arsenal you have. If you have a revolver or semi-automatic pistol that requires frequent reloading, then you will need to be more evasive in your movements when planning your shots. Starting with revolvers, you’ll unlock (or randomly pick up) weapons that extend to laser guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers.

The darkness and surroundings are clearly an ode to the shooters of the 90s.

Standard abilities and stats are also something you can rely on and are critical to your success. Once you’ve finally had the chance to have 4 effective abilities, such as a regeneration ability and a great weapon, the real thrill of the game kicks in, with its high octane action and overpowered weapons. that destroy everything and combine with the motivating soundtrack to make you feel invincible, you make your way through rooms with ease and make short work of the main dungeon boss.

Unfortunately, in my experience, unless you’re some sort of gaming legend you’ll find yourself at the mercy of the game more often than not, as all it takes is a new enemy with an ability. unknown or some silly mistakes to derail you and the chance of picking up something divine is, unfortunately, very small. Plus, when you lose your one – and only – life, everything except the loyalty points you’ve earned in stores are reset. For better or worse, this forces you to think about abandoning your current race and instead consider spending your coins in equipment stores to potentially see better weapons in future races (unlocked from your points of loyalty accumulated).

One of the stores that becomes an investment over time due to the many failures you will encounter.

Keeping your heart’s BPM and your head pounding is the game’s soundtrack, but shooting at your own pace isn’t a walk in the park either. Developing a calm trigger finger to keep up with the beat and line up the enemy in your reticle takes practice, while if you mess up your weapon will lock up and cause you to go around in circles even more than usual. The developers were kind enough to offer an option to turn off this feature for those who didn’t have rhythmic bone in their body – like me – but they also increased the difficulty and reduced the points you can generate in this mode. , making its advantage mute.

A nice offering after throwing a few coins into the pot. I have to note that there are other levels with different designs, but hey, I didn’t take any screenshots from when I was there and hey, I never got to come back….

There are 10 playable characters with different abilities, 4 difficulty modes, and a challenge mode that add depth to the product for those looking for more shooter depth and will find hours and hours of replayability.

It’s clear that there is a very nice game hidden in BPM, but it might take a very specific audience to fully enjoy it. The malicious system that strips you of your abilities while offering no extra life, for example, might be normal for hardcore games, but tying your entire fate to pick-ups, rather than any skill you can develop, is a little too extreme for my taste and more than a little frustrating. Personally, I would have preferred a skill-based reward that could be saved across different races.

A boss. Hello.

Another aspect that isn’t quite as perfect is the controls, as they demand a speed and precision that I’m not sure the PS4 controller is best suited for, however sensitive you adjust the aiming settings. controllers.

The game initially feels too short and repetitive, as its narrow gameplay loop is limited to its very similar small pieces, but you will soon notice the small changes that make the game a more complete FPS experience. There’s no doubt that BPM will humiliate even the most arrogant of aspiring revolver-wielding Cliff Eastwood with its random parts and seemingly victimizing difficulty, but once you’re able to consistently hit the high notes and find your groove, it will. is starting to make a little more sense.

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