Roker Report Brainbusters: How strong is your knowledge of Sunderland trivia right now?


Round 1: The Opponents – Lincoln City

The Lads travel to Lincoln on Tuesday, and since this is a Papa John’s Trophy game, we’ll be focusing on last season’s semi-final clash between the two clubs. One point for each correct answer.

1. The game ended 1-1 after regulation time, but who scored Lincoln’s first goal?

2. Who played Sunderland left-back during the match?

3. Sunderland qualified for the final via penalties; what was the final score of the shooting?

4. Who scored Sunderland’s winning penalty?

5. What academy product was an unused substitute for Sunderland at night?

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Round 2: Top 10 – The 2011-12 season

It’s been ten years since Martin O’Neill replaced Steve Bruce as Sunderland manager after a poor start to the season. There is one point for each correct answer regarding this campaign.

1. Sunderland achieved a league brace against Stoke City and what other team this season?

2. In October, against whom was Sunderland’s first away win of the season?

3. The guys hit the 6e round of the FA Cup after beating which side at the Stadium of Light in the 5e?

4. Who took over as interim manager between Bruce’s departure and O’Neill’s arrival?

5. Sunderland’s first game under O’Neill was against the Blackburn Rovers – what was the final score?

6. Who scored Sunderland’s last goal of the season?

7. Which team eliminated Sunderland from the League Cup?

8. What was the name of the Greek defender Sunderland on loan from Wolfsburg during the season?

9. What other defender was also loaned during the same January transfer window?

10. Who scored the only goal of the game when Sunderland beat Liverpool at the Stadium of Light?

Liverpool v Sunderland - Premier League

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Round 3: 3-4-3

The final round sees a change of pace, the first three questions are worth one point each, the next four are worth two points each and the last three are worth three points each (20 points in total).

1. Anthony Patterson made his debut for the Notts County Loan Club last weekend, playing what position?

2. Josh Hawkes was also featured last weekend. In which Ligue 2 is he currently on loan?

3. How many goals did Ross Stewart score in the win over Cheltenham Town on Tuesday night?

4. Which club has Sunderland’s new individual player development manager, Mike Dodds, left before taking office?

5. Against whom was Sunderland’s first league game of the 2020-21 season?

6. What was the final score of this match?

7. Who was Sunderland’s top scorer in the 2017-18 league relegation campaign?

8. How many times has Gary Owers played at Wembley for Sunderland?

9. Against whom was Owers’ first goal at Sunderland pitted?

10. How many goals has he scored in total for the Lads?

Football - Sunderland

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Round 1: The Opponents – Lincoln City

1. Anthony Scully

2. Callum McFadzean

3. 5-3

4. Tune in to Leadbitter

5. Patrick Almond

Round 2: Top Ten – the 2011-12 season

1. The Queens Park Rangers

2. Bolton Vagrants

3. Arsenal

4. Eric Black

5. 2-1

6. Phil Bardley

7. Brighton and Hove Albion

8. Sotirios Kyrgiakos

9. Wayne Bridge

10. Nicklas Bendtner

Round 3: 3-4-3

1. Goalkeeper

2. Tranmere Rovers

3. Two

4. The city of Birmingham

5. Bristol Rovers

6. 1-1

7. Lewis Grabban

8. Three

9. Doncaster Rovers

10. 27

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