SAPD’s SWAT Challenge returns to the public to test their abilities and help with recruitment


SAN ANTONIO – Do you think you will have what it takes to be a member of the SAPD Swat team? Well, you will have a chance to show it off in just a few weeks. The SWAT issue is again on October 16.

“I was preparing myself mentally and physically,” said SAPD rookie Edwin Rinza.

Rinza is one of the recruits who take the morning to test to see what he has bought in regards to the course. Its run through Monday is all in the hopes of becoming a part of SAPD.

“I want to help my community and tell my children when they are older that I have done something productive in my life,” said Rinza.

The course will probably be an opportunity for the audience to test their courage, while getting the questions answered.

“We are running this event to promote fitness and to answer one of our most frequent recruiting questions. How can I join SWAT? Senior recruiting officer Matt Bernal mentioned.

The obstacle course is pleasant and difficult, but also helps recruiting which was not easy.

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“There have been different challenges, but people know they want to work for the city of San Antonio. They want to serve this community. There is something about San Antonio that people are always interested in. And we’re just here to get the information out as much as we can. This is why this event is going to be crucial, because it will be a very good event for the public to bring it to the fore, ”said Bernal.

In obstacle after obstacle if you participate you will take on the aggressive SWAT team.

“We’re going to have a lot of teams ready to go. A number of things. They are teams of four. If you don’t have a team, no worries. We will put you on a team, ”said Bernal. “Teamwork is the source of dream work.”

If you have any questions about recruiting or the SWAT Challenge, the solutions can be found by clicking here.

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