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The site would be the first fully inclusive and adapted playground in San Juan County

Farmington Municipal Schools donated a site to the Town of Farmington, which plans to build a park for all. (Durango Herald file)

FARMINGTON – Farmington Municipal Schools have donated the site of the former Tibbetts Middle School and Emma Weaver Library to the town of Farmington for potential use as a park for all.

The city and school district issued a joint press release saying the donation was launched three years ago.

“The donation, which has been in the works for almost three years, highlights the continued collaboration between the district and the city on ways to improve / better Farmington,” the statement said.

The 7 acres of land could become a park for all skill levels, which the city is “seriously considering”.

The statement said the park would be the first fully inclusive and adapted playground in San Juan County, and that some of the amenities would include inclusive and accessible play equipment, a footpath, special surfacing, sensory play areas, visually impaired areas, therapeutic items, outdoor musical instruments, adaptive swings including wheelchair swings, shade, bathrooms and more.

The city also presented plans for programs to take place in the park, which could include adapted sports and yoga, therapy training, integration programs, wheelchair assessments, fitness for children. children, ambulance training, heart patient recovery programs, and life skills for stroke victims and people with mental and developmental disabilities.

Robert Taboada, spokesperson for Farmington Municipal Schools, said in an email Thursday that the park would have a major impact on families in Farmington.

“The former Tibbetts Middle School and Library projects will have a positive impact on hundreds of FMS families,” Taboada said. “We estimate that there are close to 900 families living in the area, and they will appreciate the result of this great project, students at Apache Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Tibbetts Middle School and Farmington High.”

Eugene Schmidt, Superintendent of Farmington Municipal Schools, said it was a pleasure to announce the donation of the school and library to the town.

“We want to reaffirm our commitment to the Town of Farmington, ensuring that our land and buildings in the town can be reallocated to serve the community, which is simply the best thing we can do for Farmington,” Schmidt said .

There will be several phases to go through to complete the multi-million dollar park. Part of the park will be paid for with a $ 300,000 resilient park access grant requested by the city’s parks and recreation department. A group called the Tibbetts All Ability Park Foundation has also formed to promote and fundraise for the park.

“Under the direction of the city and in collaboration with local donors and national grants, the former property of Tibbetts Middle School will continue to provide our community with accessible outdoor recreation opportunities with the development of a All Abilities park, ”Farmington Mayor Nate Ducket said. in the output.

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