Seegrid launches an online knowledge base for its autonomous mobile robots

Seegrid, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots for material handling, has launched a new customer resource, Seegrid Help Center, an online knowledge base that gives Seegrid’s global logistics, e-commerce and manufacturing customers exclusive access to expert insights, product insights and innovative mobile automation use cases curated by Seegrid’s expert engineering, service and support teams.

Jim Rock, CEO of Seegrid, said, “Our robots and software are proven to have safely traveled more than seven million miles autonomously while moving billions of pounds of material in complex, high-density industrial environments. dynamics of our customers.

“Every autonomous mile and pound moved represents real-world knowledge and expertise, making Seegrid uniquely capable of helping our customers succeed with mobile automation.”

The Seegrid Help Center is an easy-to-use online knowledge base that complements the company’s robust training, service and support offerings.

The intuitive online platform provides a personalized experience for end users and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering the ability to self-serve on a wide variety of topics and categories, including AMR models, to support, optimize and advance the use of their Seegrid Mobile Automation Solution.

Rock says, “Our customers are always looking to stay one step ahead and safely increase productivity levels, and we are committed to enabling our customers to achieve these goals through automation.

“Now our customers can leverage Seegrid automation solutions for competitive advantage while channeling our vast collective expertise across entire networks of operators.”

Providing timely, relevant and expert answers to questions ranging from simple to complex, Seegrid’s Help Center enhances the company’s suite of expert automation services.

Seegrid offers its customers a comprehensive support experience throughout the automation journey, from initial assessment and solution recommendation to ongoing analysis and consultation of automation performance after deployment.

Seegrid was recently recognized for its excellence and best practices in the industry, being named a Technology Innovation Leader by Frost & Sullivan, the #1 Autonomous Mobile Robot Vendor in the United States by Interact Analysis and the 4th world’s most innovative robotics company by Fast Society.

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