Should public events be held as a result of Omicron’s entry into Gujarat now?

Parth Mahara,
Human ressources
The Omicron variant is believed to be five times more infectious than other known variants of the novel coronavirus. The government has already urged people to avoid gatherings.

Meena Nathani,
Retired bank officer
With a relative increase in the number of positive cases reported these days, including the first in Jamnagar state, the decision not to hold the Kankaria Carnival is welcome. Under the current circumstances, no public event should take place and it would be prudent to reconsider the organization of the Flower Show. The safety and well-being of citizens should be a major concern.

Ritual Patel,
No Kankaria carnival or flower show should take place as it involves a large number of people in public places. Omicron is the new variant of Covid that has entered Jamnagar and is said to be six times more dangerous than Delta. This is a “variant of concern”, so we have to be extremely careful.

Apurva Desai,
We Gujaratis have still not learned to be self-disciplined in the various sectors of the public service. It is therefore essential to cancel events such as carnival. At the same time, global climate change forces us to follow all protocols issued by authorities, which could mean that events could continue.

Kshipra Pandey,
Microbiology student
A clear no. These events must be put on hold as we cannot allow the new variant to wreak havoc. Prevention is better than cure, and this must be strictly followed and today’s restrictions and delays will certainly ensure a happy and healthy future.

Mahesh Iyer,
I think it is the need of the hour that public gatherings like the Kankaria Carnival and events like Flower Show be canceled for a while or limit the number of participants. This will prevent the Omicron variant from “blossoming”. Weddings and social functions in the coming months are inevitable since the dates are fixed in advance. But minimum numbers and self-discipline are the only solution.

Shankar Iyer,
We don’t need to plan any events at this time. Currently we have a new threat called Omicron, and the first case has already been reported, any planned public event will be dangerous. December and January will have Christmas and Uttarayan celebrations. The government of Gujarat is already planning Vibrant Gujarat and it is possible that it is also hosting an international kite festival. There is a good chance that we will invite guests from foreign countries, which could pose a threat again. So, we should say no to all events from now on.

Varghese Johnson
It is always said that it is always good to take precautions rather than running later to heal. We are not yet 100% out of the pandemic, we can end it if each individual does their homework responsibly and wisely.

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